Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Its Friday... Good Friday....
Remembering what Jesus went through today...
always holds sadness....


I can't believe Easter is this weekend!
Easter is probably one of my favorite holidays

The excitement of what the day is about
It doesn't get better then that


Speaking of Easter - I'm totally 100% not prepared for it.
I have been so busy with pictures & getting everything together for a half marathon
which is the DAY BEFORE Easter
(stupid... stupid planning)

Not to mention, I'm in a skit 2 times at Easter Service
& its a very PHYSICAL skit..
& I'll just be finishing 13.1 miles.

We're going to practice for hours on Saturday - just 3 hours after I cross the finish line
& then I'm pretty sure I'm going to die...


Everyone is out of the office today

Good Friday, I think we should be closed - personally...

But I'm the one stuck behind
but that's OK.

A quiet office makes a happy office

I can dance all I want today in my office


So if some of you didn't see on my Facebook or Instagram page
Mr.Hubs has been bit by a spider & is on antibiotic patrol.

His leg is horrible.  I've never seen anything like it.
His ankle has been swollen so much you can't see the bone, & the red rash is growing & venturing around to the other side of his leg.
It's a mess

& Ricky is just like me... he hates medicine...
so he hasn't been taking his medicine correctly.

The doctor told him if its not any better, he'll need an antibiotic shot right in the middle of it.  I think he'd rather do 10 of those then take pills.
Can't say I blame him.

Stupid spiders


I secretly think Ricky just wanted to try & become Spiderman

Just my theory


So my mom may have a little fit when she sees the book I'm reading right now...

It's called 'Dorothy Must Die'

& mercy, its pretty darn good!!!!

It's the story of Dorothy, who didn't enjoy life in Kansas, going back to Oz
& sort of taking over.  Taking advantage of the magic in the land...
& another girl gets swept up in a tornado & she's there to free Oz & all the residents from the harsh treatment of Dorothy.

I can't wait to see how this is going to end!!!


I heard this book is actually in talks of becoming a tv show on The CW Network

I'd watch that


I need more time to read.

I'm catching pages of my book as I walk around my house from room to room.

I used to be able to read a book in like a week.
With my schedule lately, I'm good to do a book in 1 month.

& this book is like 500 pages.
Maybe by the end of the year I'll be done


If you haven't seen this yet, its adorable... & the best..

I have watched it over & over & laughed till I cry.

They take kids & let them just talk about something, let their imagination run wild, & then the adults act out what they say.


(Just think about Jesus & say a prayer)... my favorite part

I'm going to say that tomorrow in my half marathon over & over
"You just gotta keep going"


There are like hundreds of these videos.

Here's another one of my favorites where they actually got Josh Groban to do it!!!
How cool is that!!!?

If you're bored, just go to YouTube & search "Kid Snippets" & just enjoy....

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday
& a Blessed Easter!!!!


  1. i am constantly wondering WHERE you find all these great clips and videos. I am lol this morning and I needed that!!

    I will be praying for you tomorrow!

    And tell your hubby to TAKE his meds!!! a little pill VS swelling, rash, pain, loss of skin, shots in the MIDDLE of the brainer!!

  2. Any idea what kind of spider bit Ricky? Sure hope he heals soon! You're gonna rock the half tomorrow!'ve got this! My nephew, Matt, is running in the Boston Marathon on Monday! First time for him...he's been training so hard!

  3. I hope your husband get better soon. Take your medicine like a man. Good luck on your run. Happy Easter!

  4. Easter doesn't count as a holiday AT ALL for us. So dumb. I'm not even religious and I think that's ridiculous. I mean, if Christmas counts, why doesn't Easter?!

  5. I worked out this morning on a machine we've dubbed "the devil machine" at the gym, oh Lord did I feel like I was dying! Have a blessed Easter!

  6. I hate spiders. They are so dangerous. and creepy.
    I will keep you in my prayers tomorrow. Wow.
    I hope you are going out to eat or at least have someone cooking for you:)
    Good Luck and have a blessed Easter.

  7. I'm so not ready for Easter either! I wish you a blessed one!
    And I love the exercise quote because that's about I feel too.

  8. Ugh that spider bite sounds terrible! I always thought Midwest spiders were harmless! Hope he's feeling better SOON!

  9. Dorothy Must Die is going on my "to read" list :) I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Francine River's new book today...Bridge to Haven!! Can't wait to read it! Hope Ricky is feeling better...yikes...and hope it wasn't a spider like that gigantic one you had a pic of about a year ago on FB...that was crazy big!


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