Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Keep it Together ... 2020 Planners .... ASSEMBLE!!!

Most kids want toys or electronics for Christmas.... I was just excited for Planner goodies.
I mean, 2020 is the start of a new year, which means a fresh planner.  I was all about some new things. It didnt help that The Happy Planner had just put out a few new things on their web site right before Black Friday... GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS!!!!

Plus, it was so fun to decorate the planner for the Holidays.

So let's dive into the new things I got this holiday....

Of course, a bunch of new stickers... from family & my work sister Liz who got me this one Faith sticker book that is older & hard to find... super excited about this!!!

Also super excited to get my Budget Planner for 2020.  I ordered it in December & actually just got it last week... UGH... I had a few emails with The Happy Planner & they kept saying they were overwhelmed with orders.  Which was sort of frustrating because you just put out a new line at the Holidays & you'd think they'd be able to get it shipped out in time then.  But, I got it in the end & only missed the first 2 weeks of January with it... it could be worse.

I even bought the Companion Pack that goes with the Budget Planner.  Seeing what's in it now, I probably could have done without - but it has a few sheets I'll use - like a 12 month spread where I can do like a quick glance thing of bills due .

& I like the jar with the color in savings tracker - & I think these cash envelopes are super nice too. I think I may use these for a savings sort of thing for vacation or the Holidays -  a nice place to tuck that extra cash away.

Here we go with my December spreads....

Week 1 - I really think I could have done more pink spreads for the Holidays... its just so fun & cheery to me!

Week 2 - Navy blue isn't a normal Holiday color but I really like this turned out.

 Week 3 - I really like this bright spread... I used some of the Nutcracker stickers from my Christmas sticker book. 

Week 4 - Christmas week!!!

I really didnt fill in a lot on my planner just because it was a slower week as in planning. It was more of a go with the flow week.

Close up of Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

So here we go into another year of planning & super excited about my Happy Planner. I've got mine exactly how I want it - I'll take pics & show more detail next month how I set mine up.

I know a lot of you got new planners for the year - JOIN US next month!!! Or even this month :) I love seeing all things planner & how you use yours.  There's no right or wrong way.  & it really helps with ideas for others. Share away. Write it in your planner!!! LOL - Its the 3rd Wednesday of every month!


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