Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thankful Thursday #256

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This week I am Thankful for:

Ricky + the horses
My brother has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks now... he is the horse care taker 5 out of the 7 days.  He also does all the heavy lifting. He's makes sure there's water in jugs in the barn for me to give to them on the weekends & makes sure I can reach the hay.  He's full time horse caretaker. I'm part time.  So when he was out of commission & I ended up having the cold from Hades - we were in trouble.  Good ole Ricky stepped in though  & has been the champ of taking care of the horses when I was down & out. Grateful for the help.

I had to go to the Lady doc this past week for what I thought would be a routine check up.  Little did I know I would be laying in pain, unable to get up because they ended up doing a biopsy of my uterus.  Also scheduled an ultrasound & talks of a uterine ablation.  To say I was a little freaked out was an understatement. But I text my sister in law who has been having similar issues & she messaged me back & told me she had just had an  ultrasound & a biopsy the day before!!! WHAT? What are those odds. .... it was just so comforting to be able to talk to someone who was in the same boat I was in, comparing stories & how we were feeling. It's just always good to know you're not alone.

Mucinex DM
... FINALLY... that bottle was my lifesaver for finally a good night's sleep & helping me get this junk up out of my lungs

Budget Journal
I mentioned this in my post last week but I am LOVING my new Happy Planner Budget Journal. Keeping me aware of where my money is going.

Bruno Sitting up
Our little old man was having some rough days. He seems to do that - have good days, bad days - but his bad days have his worried. I mean, he's now at 19 years & 5 months old! (WHAT??? Is he gonna make it to 20???) but he was even having trouble sitting up on his own for a few days. We'd have to make a Bruno Sandwich - put pillows on both side of him to hold up upright .... but now, that little old man now has that core strength building back up.  He's able to sit up on his own & once again fighting to stand on his own - which he can't do but again, thankful for his walker that lets him get around.

Warm January
My goodness... winter here has been very calm. We've had zero snow (knocking on wood it stays that way) & we've spent most of the time in weather that you just need a light jacket.  I know winter still has some weeks ahead, but I'm grateful for the ease of it all so far.  .... 38 days till Spring!!!!

Dr. Brown to the rescue ... again
My Brother was in the hospital for a week & getting worse & worse.  He had some obvious issues that were getting serious & when the nurses were telling us that the doctor would just see him in the morning, we knew this wasn't going to work. My brother wasn't going to be able to handle it for over 12 hours... Me & my Sister in law were ready to cause a big scene when all of a sudden, nurses come in & they tell Tony he's going into surgery within the hour.  The Doctor had seen his latest CT scan & was rushing in... & it was my surgeon who did my 2 emergency surgeries.  Isnt that funny?  He remembered me & was curious how my situation ultimately ended.  But I was so grateful he took the initiative to handle this - because honestly, Dr. Brown said if it was left alone longer, it would have been dire.

Over 2 hour surgery
So grateful my brother came through the surgery OK.

My brother has some good friends. One of them came up & sat with us during this surgery that took over 2 hours to do - & it took an hour to even get him started once they were back in the OR - so we were in the waiting room for over 3 hours.  It was really nice for Tony's friend to help us out & run & get drinks & just keep conversation going & company.
... Tony's friends also came over & cleaned the stalls & put down new bedding for the horses.  Thankful for all the help they have been giving.

Christmas is Over
For those of you that do Christmas in just a few days in December - you're doing it wrong.  We take it & make sure we can spend time with those we love & not be rushed.  It works for us to spread it out & yes, it goes into January... but we finally got through them all this past weekend.  Another successful holiday in the books.  ... & now, I can take down my decorations. Whew!

What's good in your week?

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