Monday, January 27, 2020

The weekend that my brother finally got to come home

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Hello Monday.

Anyone else just shook over the horrible loss of Kobe Bryant yesterday?  I'm not a basketball fan but there's just big stars that come out of the game sometimes that you can't deny.  I think its just so sad to know he's a family man, & the loss of his daughter.  That poor family. 

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I know people pass away every single person & the loss of his life is no more sorrowful as the loss of everyone else on that helicopter - or anyone else that lost their life that day.  Accidents, sickness, tragedy.... I think when we see someone in such a public light loose their life - it really does bring close to home again that life is not guaranteed to finish another day.  We never know when our time will be up.  All the more importance to show us how we need to make sure we love every day, say the things we need to say.... lean in the faith of what God offers us when we accept Jesus as our Savior. 

Just a light shone again to remind us that we are all just a mist here in this world....

How's that for a start of a blog post?  Talk about a downer ... & on a Monday? 
I say we all just head out & grab some coffee, a book & get back in bed.... anyone with me?

My weekend was sort of filled with lots to do, but not really.

Friday, I ended up going to visit my brother. I was going to stay until his wife got up there but she had to do some other things with their girls & then she went to help my mom with some stuff at her house.  So I just stayed up there with Tony until visiting hours were technically over.  We even got to go on a walk shuffle up to the elevator & back.   It kinda worried me because he wasn't up to eating & just didnt feel all that great when I left.

Saturday, I got my Christmas stuff down - finally!  & kinda.... if you know me, when I saw I get Christmas down, that means everything is down.  Except the tree. Which this is just how it works in my home.  I get it all done & then its just up to Ricky to get the bare tree out to the barn.  I dont mind. I still turn on the lights on the tree - all in its bareness state - because I never tire of a nice, warm glow in the darkness of winter.  But it still stands & I reminded him - if its up by February 1... it WILL be decorated for Valentines Day.  I know that's just at the end of the week so I'll be cutting out my red construction paper hearts by Wednesday as either motivation for him to get it down... or for indeed a cute tree. We can turn the lights on the tree red, so yeah, I'm serious - I'll do it :)

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Already looking for my motivation on what to do 

I had to run out & pick up a tote to put the new Christmas stuff we bought this year in & had a list that was growing for things at Target so ran down there.  I stopped in to visit my brother because I knew he was going to be super bummed he wasn't at his daughters basketball game when his wife & the other twin were there.  They kept sending him videos & updates & I know it tore at him even more when it went into TRIPLE overtime!!!! It may have been 4 times - I was loosing count.  But my niece's team won in the end! GO FC!

The good news of Saturday was that Tony was finally coming home. YAHOO!!! 2 weeks & 1 day in the hospital.  That was a doozy!  ... The bad thing is that he came home with a PIC line in for antibiotic treatments for awhile & a drain still in him from his last infection. So while he's home, I know he's still not feeling like himself & has a long journey still ahead of him.  He can still use all the encouragement & prayers.... please & thank you.

Sunday, the morning flew by & I had to run over & let Baby out to enjoy sunshine (FINALLY) & then off to HSM.  I hadn't seen my wonderful co-leaders since before the holidays!!!!  I was out, she was out & we've just kept missing each other. It was good to get the team back together.  Which meant we were at church SUPER late filling one another in on all the latest.  I love my Church sisters!

I stopped & picked up some lunch, got home & Ricky & I dug out a recliner for my brother to use that his friends came & picked up to take to him... & just had to do things around the house & BLINK - we're back at another week ahead. 

This is where it starts too - the long haul.  All the Holidays are now over till May... that's way down the line.  Time to buckle in & start planning all that PTO.

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So tell me how your weekend was?

Will you be taking a vacation or time off before Memorial Day?

Are you a Kobe Bryant fan?

Are you still having a mild or a wintery winter?

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