Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thankful Thursday #255

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This week I am Thankful for:

Breathing at work
Year end at work was crazzzzzzyyyyy.  So now that we've got that behind us, this past week has felt just enjoyable as anything. Work at a steady pace. Not having 25 emails pop up at once, needing everything ASAP.  Now, its a much more breathable atmosphere & it feels wonderful.

Bean Street Tea
I've been battling a sore throat & ear ache this past week & on my way home, I've had to stop & get my favorite tea ever from our little local coffee shop.  They put in the honey for me too & its DELICIOUS.  It's so super hot too & it just feels so good on that scratchy throat.  It's a cheap drink too... we get 2 mediums & its under $4.00. I could make this a daily stop.

More Stickers
My fellow work sister & planner nerd went to a friend's house where they were swapping stickers that they dont use (which, hello - what a cool idea!) & she picked me up some stickers she thought I'd like .... UM YES TO ALL OF THE ONES SHE PICKED FOR ME.  I'm especially happy about a sticker book that has all sorts of habit trackers in it & even a page full of book stickers.  That's been something I say over & over again I need the people that do these big sticker books to do - one on nothing but books & book quotes. I'd be so on top of that.

Watching my favorite B-Baller
Got to go see one of my twin nieces play her game this past week.  She is just getting better & better & is so confident on the floor.  I love to see her in her element.

We had issues with our router / wi-fi in our home & it was causing all sorts of chaos.  Its not the first time it's happened, but hopefully this will be the last.  It took us a few hours to get things switched, a lot of hassle & a lot of searching to what was going on, but I think we're good now.

I didnt feel good the end of the week last week & I've never been more glad for a weekend in my life.  We had our last Chirstmas planned but it needed to be rescheduled & I'm glad in the end with the way I felt. We've bumped it up another weekend & I had a weekend with zero plans.  GLORIOUS. I am just thankful for the time to lay down & recover.  It's been a long time coming.

What good things are happening in your world?

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