Tuesday, January 07, 2020

One Sentence a Day {December 2019}

So before we even get started... I gotta throw this video at the top of this... because Y'ALL - I made it - one full year.. EVERY SINGLE DAY - a 1 second video. Well technically, 1.5 second... but how cool is it that I can see every single day of my year - 365 days wrapped up in under 10 minutes!..

& you'll see - its basically just full of books, dogs, horses & a lot of worship... that really does sum up my life.

OK - moving on... the last month of the year... all wrapped up in One Sentence a Day

1 - Sun / The cold & drizzly day is setting the tone for a cold December #yuck

2 - Mon / A Monday is hard enough, but one after a 4 day weekend is just torture. #superbusythough #madeitgofast

3 - Tues /  Finding my reading mojo again #TheOtherWoman #craycray

4 - Wed /  Got to watch my HSM girls just lavishly bless a little angel for Christmas #givingisthespiritofChristmas

5 - Thurs /  Thankful I was in & out in 15 minutes to get my blood drawn at the hematologist #waitforresults

6 - Fri / HSM Gal Pal Christmas Party 2019 was a great success!!! #thatdogthough

7 - Sat / THE SUN FINALLY CAME BACK!!!!! #solarpowermeup

8 - Sun /  The sun may be gone & we're back to clouds but at least it was near 60 degrees. #keepthecoldaway

9 - Mon /  Had a stray cat run into our garage on Sunday & with the smell coming out of our garage now, I'm pretty sure he's died somewhere in there. #UGHHHH #dontwannalook

10 - Tues / Bruno tried out his new adjusted walker & he looked more secure in it. #keepwalkinglittleman

11 - Wed /  Worked on a service project with our Make Me a Blessing group #allthepeppermintscrub

12 - Thurs /  Had a rush knit job to finish to get in the mail #NailedIt

13 - Fri /  Mammogram day followed by shopping with my mom for Christmas gifts #iambeat

14 - Sat /  Checked so many people off the Christmas list as complete this weekend! #feltgood

15 - Sun /  Last HSM for the year. #BigSmallgrouphappening

16 - Mon /  Going back to night time working out #somanyprosandcons #getitinwheneveryoucanbasically

17 - Tues /  I should have spent my evening wrapping presents but instead had to get back to watching Glow Up on netflix #wishIcoulddomakeuplikethat

18 - Wed / Secret Santa keeps leaving candy & hand sanitizer at my desk when I walk away #makesmydaybetter

19 - Thur / Our Accounting Team went to lunch to find out who our Secret Santa's are. #somuchfun #PamistheBest

20 - Fri /  Had the day off work & had to stay home to wait for a delivery that needed a signature. #cameat4oclock #seriouslyman????

21 - Sat /  Chalk it up for another Jammie Christmas with my Vincent Family. #themostcomfyofchirstmases

22 - Sun /  Got to go watch my buddy teach youth on his birthday & celebrate him with lunch. #HappyBirthdayRyan

23 - Mon /  My poor hair stylist was running crazy with everyone getting their hair all fixed before Christmas. #3hourappointment #worthitforgoodhair

24 - Tues /  Happy Birthday to my love!!!! #keepgrowingoldtogether

25 - Wed / Celebrated Jesus Birthday by seeing the latest Star Wars. #TheForceIsWithUs

Image result for star wars the rise of skywalker movie poster

26 - Thurs / So thankful for help on the busiest day at work all year long #biggestdepositIveDone

27 - Fri /  It was a Taco Bell kinda dinner night #anotherlongday

28 - Sat /  University of Kentucky won over the University of Louisville #idontcare #thehubbydoesthough

29 - Sun /  Finally had Christmas with my momma #ChristmasNumber3

30 - Mon /  Hello 48! #happybirthdaytome

31 - Tues / Left work an hour later & knocked out well before midnight #adultingonNYE

Farewell 2019!!!

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