Thursday, January 09, 2020

Thankful Thursday #254

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This week I am Thankful For:

Made it another year
Always consider it a blessing to make it through another flip of a calendar.  Not everyone gets that gift.  It's an achievement.

Celebrate with sugar & caffeine
The Hubs knew I had to work super late with it being the last day of the year on New Years Eve so he stopped on his way home at Krispy Kreme to pick up some warm donuts for us.  They had a NYE special as well - 2 dozen for $12.00 - how do you pass that up? .. THEN he stopped at Starbucks to pick us up some coffees for the morning. THIS is why I married this man.

Baby News
Found out a friend of mine is pregnant. So exciting. I love to always hear this exciting news for people who are so happy to start their family.  I had actually found out on MY birthday so I think its just fair the baby is named after me, right? :) I'm sure that will fly.

Lazy Day
New Years Day, I literally got out of my jammies... only to put on new clean jammies.  I haven't done that in the longest & forgot how glorious it is to do.  I binged YOU Season 2 & lived in my recliner.  Happy New Year to me.

Bruno Eating
We've created what I call a "doggie treadmill" - I've got Bruno's walker hooked onto the side wall of his kennel, so we can put him in it & he moves his legs like he's walking, but it doesnt go anywhere.  It's worked wonders in getting him up longer & more often & he even eats & drinks well from that position. He's even been eating in the morning AND evening now doing this.  Go little man.

I am always grateful when people are bold enough to speak the truth in situations that need it.  That's usually not a easy thing to do so when people take the lead to start honest conversations, I'm thankful.

Nash Gang visit
Always good to see our family & watch the boys just continue to grow up (which is happening way too fast)

What good things have happened in your first week of 2020?

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