Thursday, January 30, 2020

Thankful Thursday #257

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This week I am Thankful for:

Youth Prayers
At the end of our HSM group, we went around & all the girls were talking about things we could pray for & they could just tell something was off with me... so I had prayed & said AMEN... & then one of the girls was like, HOLD UP EVERYONE - get back in this circle... & then she lifted up prayers for me & all that I'm going through in life. OH MY HEART. How precious is that?  These girls... I'll say it over & over, these girls are the biggest blessing in my life

Harvey Dent
I got home from work on Tuesday & was just so exhausted - literally didnt think I could keep my eyes open. I crawled into bed to just close my eyes for 10 minutes... that Harvey Dent is just the sweetest little nurse. Always has been. He curled up next to me & put his paw over me & next thing I know, he was twitching where he was asleep. Ricky came in & laughed that we were curled up together just snoozing away.  He is just a comfort to my heart.

Brother Progress
It's been a journey for my brother & this hospital stay.  But seeing him get better & seeing progress has been a big sigh of relief.  He's still got a path ahead but every step forward is a good one.

My husband is just the best. I had a really bad bad bad evening & my sweet hubby just wanted to let me know that he's always here for me. My biggest supporter.  I may have teared up when these were delivered to work.

Home at last
I know its been a mixed bag of emotions with my brother FINALLY getting home. His wife is taking on a lot of things that can be overwhelming when it comes to his health care right now & there's something to be said for a Nurses Button you can push & get what you need.  But, there really is no place like home. I know Tony is glad to be back in his own surroundings, seeing his girls every day & getting doggie snuggles - which lets face it, IS the best medicine there is.

Offers of help
I always say it & will continue to do so - in the hardest times of life, I am so thankful for the people that reach out to me & ask what they can do.  Need a ride?  Need a dinner?  Need horse help? Need prayers? All people who are fast to offer their services in helping wherever they can.  We are blessed to have friends that have that giving heart.

What good is happening in your week?

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