Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday Favorites



Favorite Hair Help

I love anything that gives a little bit of pizzazz to my hair

Favorite Shirt

Favorite Beauty and the Beast

Look at Belle all fancied up

Favorite Face Mask


You get 8 masks in this & it just looks like a science experiment mixing it together & making your face all cracked up - before it looks all tight. I'm curious to try it.
The names of the other masks in this line are funny too! Mummy Mask - Witch Mask

Favorite Purse

Its a crossbody bag, which I love
& that color!!!! I LOVE! It comes in 28 other colors too - GEEZ

Favorite Phone Case

Because Nokia phones will never die
This phone case is so funny! & looks cushy to hold

Favorite Measuring Decals

You can put those decals inside a cabinet - or even on a wall - which would be cute near an oven
plus, I'm forever asking Alexa questions on measurement sizes - something I can never grasp

Favorite Funnies

I posted this on my phone & still have to look at it over & over to figure it out

I'd have to move

... when I went to the library after not being there in half a year

... every time Hubby asks me to go to Home Depot with him

...every time I walk in a room & the dogs are tearing something up

... me today because I was off work

Happy weekend Y'all!!!!!!

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