Monday, August 16, 2021

The weekend I put needles back in my hand

 Happy Monday everyone!!!

Sorry I missed out on posting Friday Favorites this past Friday. I had taken my mom & her cat to the vet & didnt end up getting home till 10:30pm & I'm usually in bed anymore by 9:30 with the alarm dinging at 5am.... so I missed out on posting.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know our schools are all back in full swing now & I'm guessing a lot of you are getting back into the school game where you're at too. A sure sign that fall is just around the corner - YAHOO!!!  I just told someone that it doesnt matter what the temperature is on September 1 - even if its 110 degrees - that will still be the beginning of Fall! 

So weekend chit-chat... kinda boring - but it was WONDERFUL for me... let's take a quick gander at the boringness.


I stopped at Pizza Hut to pick up some dinner because I was BEAT after that late night out before at the vet.  I just planned on eating & then hitting the bed.

Of course, I had to wait for it to be made so another trip to a store to pass time... ended up coming out with 2 more sticker books & had to get this bag!  Also found some yarn on clearance & I'm in a hat making mode now that I sold one. I love making things for the cooler weather headed in the next few months anyways.

We enjoyed our pizza & finished watching Loki... & I'm so confused. I need to find some video that explains the ending to me.  I dont do well with anything that involves time travel or time lines.  Doesnt matter - I love Tom Hiddleston.  Still confused about his little dating spree with Taylor Swift.... I digress. 


The effects of all these early morning alarms have ruined  me. RUINED ME. I woke up on a Saturday at 5:15.  That is just depressing & defeats the point of a weekend.

I did get to get in some Real Housewives of New York.  I then grabbed my new Book of the Month pick that came in earlier in the week & headed out to start it.  Except, someone wasn't too thrilled about me being home, sitting outside & not giving HIM any attention.

We have a VERY needy dog.  I think working from home with him for 7 months spoiled him like no other dog we've had.  I've become quite the pro at reading & throwing balls or ropes with one hand.

It was warming up pretty good in the afternoon so I ended up going inside & decided to finish the hat I had been working on & totally forgot about.  It still kills my bicep tendon to do it for long but I just do a little bit at a time, or lean my arm into the side of the pillow while I'm knitting & that sort of elevates the pain. I can't believe after all these years, it still hurts.  I thought it would have healed or something... but alas. Every time I do anything repetitive, it just fires it right back up. Even walking more on the treadmill lately & that swinging motion of my arm has got it flared up. They had wanted to do surgery on it - that was like 8 years ago... I may have to actually consider it.... sigh...

While knitting, I started watching White Lotus on HBO because I've heard so many people recommend it.  

What a strange show. I'm just 3 episodes in  & I know I've said at least a few dozen times, WHAT AM I WATCHING? ... but I cant stop. I have to see how this all turns out.  & can I say, Jennifer Coolidge... I want to meet her in real life because she tends to play the same sort of character in everything I've seen her on. I need to know if she's like that in real life. I love her though.

We ended up having breakfast for dinner on Saturday night & I dont know why that feels like a special, fun treat... but it was YUM. Give me all the avocado on my eggs please.

Saturday evening, some sort of cold front must have came through somewhere because I went back out to play with the dogs & it was so much cooler. It felt amazing.  We took advantage of it & worked on grooming Zoe for a little bit & then I read some more till it got too dark.


I did a little bit better... slept in till 6:15. Geez.

I layed in bed for awhile though & watched some more Real Housewives & got caught up on a few other shows I watch... just relaxed. It was heavenly!

I started working on another hat, with that new blue yarn & messed it up & had to pulled it out & start all over again.... RIIIIPPPPPP.  Geez.  But I've got it back on track.

I went over & took care of the horses & it was such a cooler day, which makes it so much more enjoyable to spend time with them & not feel like a sweat ball.

Mom was all dressed & sitting up & I was going to go pick up her groceries so I asked her if she wanted to tag along to get out.  She said she didnt want to slow me down but I told her I had no other plans... so she was able to go with me & get some fresh air too.

I got home & had to pick up my book & finish it. I love when I can start a book on Saturday & finish it by Sunday.  This is a mystery & I couldnt put it down until I found out how it ends.  I really enjoyed it. Kept me guessing. That's for sure.

Rest of my Sunday was just the norm... time to prep as much as I can for the week & get ready for the next 5 days ahead. Adulting at its finest.

How was your weekend?

Did you get a snap in a heat spell?

Are your kiddos in school yet?

Did you watch White Lotus?

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