Monday, August 09, 2021

The weekend I got to give cupcakes... 20 years later...

 Happy Monday!!!

Mondays take on a whole new sort of deflating feel to me now that I'm back in the office. I cant believe I'm kicking off my 4th week back.  Still pretty bummed out about it all.  Especially because COVID rates around here are SOARING.  & I got back in time for our office to go into a new mask mandate. Geez.

Our schools on our side of the river (Indiana) have started without any mask mandates this past week - but just in the first week of school, so many kids are out with positive results & classes that have to quarantine. So yeahhhh... what a way to kick off a year.  

Just 3 days into the school year, they said in our county they were going to put a mask mandate in place & you would have thought people's heads would explode.  I STILL ... a year & a half later... dont get how this is a hot topic, push the buttons, enraging topic that it is.  But here we are.  All the protests & Karen's complaining got it delayed.  

Meanwhile - the county over from us, they have so many kids out - again, just in the first week, they said, no amount of complaining to the manager is going to change it - they're back in masks today.  & across the river in Louisville, they start school on Wednesday & they've said before the first day of class, everyone will be in masks. Let all the ranting get out before school started.

Still a hot mess.... I am still amazed that people tend to forget - we're still in the middle of a global pandemic. No matter how much you hate masks, no matter how much you dont want to believe its true, no matter how much it inconveniences anyone... doesnt change the facts.  It just doesn't. 

All that to say - I hope you all are staying as safe as possible.  

How is that for a kick off to a Monday? Geez. What a time to be in this world.

How did the rest of my weekend go?  No complaints.

Friday, I had stopped & picked up some dinner for us from Chuey's & we haven't ate there in nearly 2 years. Well before the pandemic kicked in gear last March.  We knew it had been awhile when we called to place the order to be picked  up & they didnt have what we normally ordered on the menu anymore. The girl who took the order didnt know what we were even talking about - LOL. 

I am a 95 year old woman on Fridays because I am so exhausted by the end of the week & its the night I tend to go to bed the earliest... which is so messed up with it being the kick off to the weekend.  Old, I shall be.

Only to wake up Saturday at 5:30am... THIS is what working in the office does to you. Makes your sleep hours all jacked up.  I will say, it made the morning really long & enjoyable.

I got an iced coffee & sat outside with my Kindle & enjoyed the morning before the heat came in.  

I waited till mid morning & ran down to our local bakery & picked up some donuts for us & then had to pick up some cupcakes for our "new" neighbors.  I say "new" because actually, our next door neighbors, they have a son that when we moved in 20 years ago, he came over the night we unloaded our moving van & brought us cupcakes as Welcoming Gift. How sweet is that....

.... well, that "kid"is now a grown man, with 3 sons (I actually shot his wedding) & they just finished building a house just down the road.  So I had to make sure to get HIM cupcakes for his Welcoming Gift.  I told him it was the Circle of Life happening here.  So excited that he & his wife are just down the road because they are an amazing couple/family.  His wife was in my Bible study group too & I just think she's an incredible human being. I hope to be able to reconnect with her more being so close too.

The rest of my Saturday was the usual Saturday stuff.... reading, laundry, cleaning. We ran down & picked up a sandwich from Penn Station & then settled in to watch some Loki.  

I also binged through The Prince on HBO Max.... oh my gosh. When is Season 2 coming out because that ending??? Come on man - I need more! How funny are all these characters!

The Queen cracks me up!!!!
You gotta see all the stars who voice these people too!

Sunday, I wanted to finish reading my book, but SOMEONE was needy & brought all the outside toys to me the second I sat down - so I played with him for awhile & then the heat came in fast.  I didnt stick to sitting outside for long.  

I came in & made some breakfast... & then did some online church.... & then got caught up in some YouTube videos of freezer dinners/breakfasts.  YouTube is a time warp on TV.  How does the time zoom by so fast watching that?

I did finally get up & meal prep my breakfast for the week (See, YouTube is ALSO helpful) & then went over to see my mom.

& before you know it... its time to get ready for another week.  Only to start the cycle again. Adulting sure is fun, isn't it?

How was your weekend?

Do you meal prep anything?

Did you watch Loki or The Prince?

How are your COVID rates going in your area?

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