Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thankful Thursday #323


Sorry my blog has been quiet this week.  My momma told me if you cant say anything nice.... so I've just been quiet on here.  

This week, we have yet another grandson dealing with Covid this week, because of course we are. & just heard yesterday afternoon that ANOTHER grandson just had to go get tested as well.  It was their first week of school & where they are at, they're doing that fun thing where Governors fight AGAINST mask wearing for kids that are too young to get a vaccine... so yeah, just like here in our area, hundreds of kids, most of the teachers, already out. 2 weeks into the school year.

I just dont understand...the fight of it all to do what science asks & the preference to listen to politicians... who for the most part - ARE VACCINATED. & work in government buildings where they HAVE TO WEARK MASKS. The irony is so thick in all of this.

& let's not bring in how religions, or church, or "Christian views" because I am just amazed at it all - as a Christian myself. That a health choice has become the crying rally for the "WE SHALL NOT FEAR" proud - VERY proud - Christians.  When you get those phone calls in the middle of the night - when you have to go to the doctor for diagnosis - when your children are struggling, you sure dont want some of the quotes, comments you've been posting coming back at you - just saying.... & I had a hard time with COVID - struggled horribly.  I CAN fear it - I dont want to go through that again. & God doesnt love me any less or question my trust in Him when I do fear the possibility of going through that again.

... & we see why I havent been posting lately on my blog.... Lord Jesus come!

Moving on - trying to once again find some good in the days

This week I am thankful for: 

Baby Drinking
So my brother was very concerned because he said Baby wasn't drinking her water - in this horrible heat wave we're in, he thought something was wrong. I told him she was probably stretching to get her brother's water bucket.  My brother said no way.  He finally moved Cochese's bucket out of the way & lo & behold, Baby's bucket was down like 3-4 inches a day. LOL. Sneaky girl. Glad there wasn't anything wrong. We had a vet scheduled to come out this week.

I had to go get my card renewed - who knew? Apparently every 3 years, they have to verify your information is the same. I hadn't been back there since they've opened fully. The last time I was there, you just ordered online & just go inside the door & they met you there to get the books - you weren't allowed to browse. Now, its all back to normal & I had to stop over by the new release section... came out with 3 new books.  Made me super excited because the book i was reading was just gross. Gave me the perfect excuse to just toss that one & enjoy some good reads.

Oil Change
I saved so many miles on my car by not really driving anywhere for the past year & a half - especially work. So I haven't had to get my oil changed in the longest.  The time came up though - I'm very adamant about my window sticker & checking it every week - & I needed to get Dorothy (my car's name) all set up.  The Valvoline I usually get my oil changed was gone though! Someone else took it over. A name I'd never heard of before - DANG IT. I've gone to that Valvoline since we moved up there 20 years ago.  I like it because you dont have to get out of your car & you're in & out in under 20 minutes.... well, I gave this place a try after reading the reviews on it & it was good enough. It looks a little "generic" now in there - oil in big tubs & they pour it into canisters to put into your car - but hey - in the end, my oil light is off, my tires are aired up - I got a new sticker for my window - success.

All my Aussies
They are honestly the sweetest little critters. They know when we're upset - or even hurt. Hubby gets horrible leg cramps from working in this heat & not staying hydrated. When those cramps kick in, they just run around him & want to help him. If I'm on the ground attempting exercising - they get underneath of me to try & lift me up & to help me off the ground. They just bring me smiles & happiness every single day.

Joining with the precious Leslie at Once Upon a time & Happily Ever After & joyful Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness to host all the gratitude.  Be sure to stop by their blog & see all their blessings this week.

Tell me something good ... again, Please - I need good news!

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