Tuesday, August 03, 2021

One Sentence a Day {July 2021}


1 - Thurs / Finished the latest season of Lucifer 

2 - Fri / We finally got the news of the return to the office #CueTheDepression

3 - Sat /  We got a break in the heat & I took full advantage by reading one of my favorite books of the year #CouldntPutitDown

4 - Sun / Happy Birthday America!!!

5 - Mon  / So excited to see our family & the twins before they make a move down to Florida & going to be further away #boysgrowingupsofast

6 - Tues / Mondays that are really Tuesday mess me up #stilllovealongweekend

7 - Wed /  Back to the Endodontist & confirming we have to do the THIRD root canal on the same tooth. #MISERY

8 - Thurs / Mom got moved to rehab & they have opened visitation at the facility so I was able to take her things to her #LordBeNear

9 - Fri / I finally finished & got caught up with Real Housewives of Potomac just in time for the next season to start next week. #MoniquetookATurn

10 - Sat / Played some card games with mom while visiting her in rehab #shelookedgood

11 - Sun / Laid in bed for 3 hours watching men's final for Wimbledon #GoDjokovic

12 - Mon /  I found out I'm a Passion Planner Ambassador for the next  year! #excitingtome

13 - Tues /  Made my first recipe since joining Plate Joy & really excited about it #tryingtomealplan

14  - Wed / One of those days that I was so busy, I didnt even get to take a lunch or get out of my chair #mentallyexhausted

15 - Thurs / HORRIFYING when Ozzie got a potato chip bag stuck on his head & nearly died #NOMOREBAGS

16 - Fri / Closed up my computer & cleaned out my home office #itsbeenfun

17 - Sat / Happy 80th birthday with a surprise party for my awesome MIL!!! #gottoseefamily

18 - Sun / This would have been my parents 56th wedding anniversary. #wow

19 - Mon / Welcome back to the office #Imayhavecried #alot

My Calendar when I was last there - March 2020

20 - Tues / Well, that's encouraging to see on the news that the J&J shot is basically trash with the new Delta variant #myluck

21 - Wed / Happy 8th Birthday to my Harvey Dent!!! #stillmybaby

22 - Thurs / Tell me WHY on the first week back into the office, they shut the bridge for to start construction #YouHadOverAYearPeople!!!

23 - Fri / 2020 Olympics FINALLY begins #CovidStillRaging

24 - Sat / I think I found the best grocery shopping time for an empty store! #BoringPersonHours

25 - Sun / It was so nice to see my Uncle's family & get to go through old pictures & memories together. #familyfirst

26 - Mon / Made my first trip to the only Starbucks that's left downtown #everythingiscloseddowntown

27 - Tues / HAIR DAY!!!! #byeGray

28 - Wed / Always fun to come home to see what Ozzie has tore up #HeHatesIAmBackAtWork

29 - Thurs / Started my new hours at work to avoid traffic #oldtimeIusedtowork #upearlier #yawn

30 - Fri / Went to cheer on my niece at her first Turkey Bowl. #Receiver #RunWithThatBall

31 - Sat / Finally a break in the temps!!!! #summerhalfwayover

What was the best thing about your July?

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