Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Show Us Your Books {August 2021)


I had a slow reading month.  I guess getting back to the "in the office" mode has taken me out of anything enjoyable in life - LOL.. kidding... kinda.

But I did still get in 2 books so I'll pat myself on the back for that - & one that I just really had all the swoons over - so I'll really take that.

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Instructions for Dancing
***** / It was Amazing

Quick Summary:  Evie runs into a stranger that leaves her with the gift to see how people's relationships will play out by seeing them kiss.  So what happens when Evie gets involved in a dancing competition & she starts to fall in love with X - once she sees their future, how she will handle the relationship.

OK - this is the 3rd Nicola Yoon cook I've read & I've just enjoyed every single one of them.  I like her easy read style of writing.

This story - I just loved all the characters - & it held a little bit of every thing I look for in a book. Easy reading, humor, a little bit of fantasy, DANCING!!!!, & real emotion.  All the relationships that Evie had, I enjoyed each one of them - with parents, with friends, with her sister, with X.  

The story had a little twist I didnt see coming that really threw me & this book had me all in my feels by the end - & I appreciate the over all message that Evie learns through her gift.

"I think you got Zoltared!"

Big Summer
** / It was OK

Quick Summary:  Two childhood friends who were estranged get back together when one of them is getting married... only for the bride to be murdered the night before her wedding.

OK... I had NO idea that someone was going to get murdered in this book. I thought it was going to be a sweet, friendship, beach read sort of book. When one of the friends was murdered - I literally gasped so hard & loud, my dogs thought I had discovered all the eaten shoes buried in the yard.

For me, it took a downhill turn there. It was ok... but I just thought some of it was strange. How in the middle of a close friend's funeral, you're concerned about your outfit & CHECKING YOUR INSTAGRAM because you're an Influencer??? That was just so dumb to me. 

The mystery was just dumb too.  I felt like it was a LifeTime Movie... one of those cheap ones. I thought it could have held potential with the friendship healing, the issues of a plus size influencer in the real world - just so many other things.

Did I finish it? Yes.  So there's that... it was good enough for me to finish but everything else... meh.

"In space, nobody can hear you scream; on the internet, nobody can tell if you were lying."

What was your favorite book of the summer?

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