Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Prime Purchases


Even later to the game this month
 - but still love joining in & sharing all the latest Amazon finds.
Joining with the lovely Tanya at The Other Side of the Road

Leopard Print House Shoes

I've been wanting these forever.  
I like them, except I feel like my feet are going to come through to the front.
Anyone else have similar ones & know how to fix that - I may just need to get used to them.

48 AA Batteries

Remember that battery holder I posted last month?
I needed to fill it up.
I think Amazon batteries are a great price for a bundle.

Insulated Lunch Box

Going back to work, I wanted to get a good lunch container because so many things are closed downtown.  I really like how this one opens - it is so wide - so it helps packing up all the things. I'm really happy with it.

Ice Packs

Got these to go in my lunch bag to keep my cold things cold & I'll add in two when I'm carrying frozen things.  They work great.  Dont take up much space in the freezer either.

Little Speaker / Radio / MP3 Player / Karaoke Machine

Hubby had a big one of these in his Man-Cave & loved  it.
When he ordered this - we cracked up!!! His old one was like hip high.... he didnt read the measurements on this one - its like 12 inches tall. 
BUT - I will say - I really like it - its got good sound & its just fun.
Hubby loves to use the microphone to yell for me when he's downstairs - so that's fun.
This would be really fun for a teen / preteen - for their room or for their sleepovers & get togethers.

Headphone Adapter

Here's another "Back to work" buy I needed.
I guess my headphone plus in my computer burned out while I was working from home & I can not work without music or a podcast playing.  My headphones would work if I used the USB port - so got this & I'm back in business

What's something great you've bought from Amazon lately?

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