Tuesday, December 07, 2021

One Sentence a Day - November 2021


1 - Mon / Coming back to work after a week off has to be the most miserable feeling ever #imissworkingfromhome

2 - Tues / I really am amazed that people I thought had really good sense honestly believe the DUMBEST things they "research" & find online #justbecauseyouwantittobetruedoesntmeanitis #thatwaslong

3 - Wed / First time turning on the heat for the year! #madeittillNovember!

4- Thurs / Starbucks Red cups are out for the year #herewego

5 - Fri /  I am never upset when a Friday goes by super fast at work #blinkandthedayisdone

6 - Sat /  Went out to look for some curtains & its looks like the shopping season has begun #socrowdedeverywhere

7 - Sun / Let the depression sink even further with the time change & its dark by 5:30pm #WHYYYYYYYYYYY

8 - Mon / I just had a really bad night where all I wanted to do was cry #seasonaldisorderalreadykickingin

9 - Tues / Glad to hear a friend is recovering after a hard few weeks of COVID #wereSTILLinapandemicpeople!!!!! 

10 - Wed / The bridge finally opened up making me ZOOM home & hit zero traffic #GLORY #HALLELUJAH 

11 - Thurs / A man who looked like an Angry Santa following me & track me down to curse me out for no reason whatsoever #whysoangry #calmdownSanta

12 - Fri / We had a movie night in our basement with hot pizza & the new Marvel Movie, Shang Chi. #lovemartialartmovies #oneofmyfavoriteMarvelmovies

13 - Sat / Discovered Sam's Club Scan & Go & I was so giddy excited about it #skipthoselines

14 - Sun /  We have our FIRST SNOW FLURRIES of the year. #sopretty #stilldontlikesnow

15 - Mon / The horses were at the fence waiting for us to feed them. #Iunderstand #puttingonthatwinterweight

16 - Tues / My new Coach bag that I bought for myself came in & I love it #treatyoself

17 - Wed / Took advantage of a warm day to go on a walk at lunch #inhaleitbeforethecoldcomes

18 - Thurs / Found out our youngest grandbabies & their momma & daddy all had COVID #itjustwontgoaway

19 - Fri / Back to the doctor for a scope on my day off #iwantabetterdayoff

20 - Sat / I pulled out some of my Christmas decorations & doing it a little at a time #slowandsteadywinstherace

21 - Sun / I finished both Charmed Season 3 and the 3rd season of The Travelers #movingontothenextbinge

22 - Mon / You know its going to be a Monday when you wake up looking like your eye exploded #ofcourse

23 - Tues / Ozzie tore up my book I was reading AND my book journal I've been keeping all year long #thisonehurt

24 - Wed / I blacked out in my eye driving into work which was terrifying & then had the most painful headache for most of the day #migrainemaybe #scaryasheck

25 - Thurs / HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! #bringonthecarbs

26 - Fri / We ventured out to see if we could find any Black Friday deals & I ended up buying more online on my phone waiting in line than I did in the stores #justkeepmehome

27 - Sat / Christmas tree is all up & the house feels festive #falalala

28 - Sun / Didnt get a Hello Fresh box ordered for this week so off to the grocery we go. #iseehowmuchIlovetheseboxesnow

29 - Mon / WORSE.HEADACHE.EVER!!!! #migrainecity

30 - Tues / Ending the month with fresh new hair to wrap up this year #byegray

Good bye November - One more month to go!!!

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