Thursday, December 09, 2021

Thankful Thursday #338


Let the good times roll...

Etsy Sell
OK - I totally forget I even have an Etsy store... so I was quite surprised when I ended up selling 2 items! SURPRISE! I really need to look at the store & see what's even still posted. I've created some new things that I never have put on there for sale. The cold season is the knitting season so I really need to take some time & do an inventory.... & get those needles a clackin'

Starbucks Pay it Forward
Hubby & I had stopped by Starbucks one day & was taken by surprise when we found out the person in front of us paid for our order!  That always just gives the warm & fuzzies - doesnt it - so of course, I paid for the person behind me. The cashier laughed & said this had been going on for about 10 cars now.  Love it!

Warm Days
We are on a roller coaster of weather.  Literally one day was in the 70's & the next was in the 30's... & we're back near 70 this weekend... to drop again.  But you can bet when we hit those 60's & 70 degree temps, I am one smiley, happy, giddy little chic over here. Basking in any day that isn't making my teeth chatter.

Mini Christmas Home
This was all the Hubby's idea.... he took our little tree house & put twinkling lights on it & then was super picky about what kind of wreath he wanted on it.  When he found the one he thought would look good - he got it & hung it & it just looks so darn cute now.  Now... the dogs arent a fan.... the lights twinkle & dance & change color & they are NOT here for it. The neighbors Christmas lights dont phase them but I think because these flash & are always moving, they go out & just bark at them all night long.  They're getting a LITTLE more used to it a week later... but what funny little puppies are my boys.

Kroger Fuel Points
I went to fill up the other day & got 50 cents off ... I felt like I hit the lottery!!!!

Holiday Books
I had been looking for what books to read for Christmas. I tend not to do Holiday books until Thanksgiving & after.  I was excited when my Book of the Month option was a Holiday book I saw a lot of people reading - SNAG! & then our book club chose a Holiday book - BOUGHT! & then my library came through with one I've been wanting to read - BORROW! So I'm set up to Christmas for fun cheesy Hallmark-like books!

I was a like a kid on Christmas morning last week when Annie Live was playing.  I love musicals & all things Broadway so much & love they have been doing the tradition of doing a LIVE version on NBC for the Holidays... though, I know a lot of people want to forget the Grinch version they did a few years ago.  I thought Harry Connick Jr & Nicole Scherzinger did a fantastic job. & the young actress who played Annie - what a great voice!  I was super excited to see Alex Wong as a backup dancer too! If you are a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, you know who he is!

& then Sunday, I watched Tick, Tick, Boom! on Netflix... SO GOOD. So amazingly good. I have listened to the soundtrack on repeat on Spotify.  I had no idea Andrew Garfield would singggggg like that!  & I never really knew the story of Jonathan Larson... my goodness, so heartbreaking!  I actually teared up.  If you love anything musical - dont wait another day - go watch it & fall in love with it like I have!


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