Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Show Us Your Books - November Reads


Another month down... & more books. 
I didnt do as good as last month - but I am well over my yearly goal I set on Goodreads - so that makes me happy

Little Darlings
** / It was OK

Quick Summary: A woman has twins & while in the hospital, a woman shows up in her room & tells her a story of how she will exchange her babies for creatures & no one will ever know.  After her babies disappear & are found, Lauren is convinced the woman did as she said she would.  Are the twins her babies or the Changlings?

OK - I read this the week of Halloween into November because I wanted something spooky.... & spooky it was. But it also was a little confusing to me.  

The idea of the book was interesting & creepy.  Parts of it left me a little lost but other parts held my attention & then the next little bit, I was confused.  In the end, are the twins really Changlings or has Lauren's past issues confused her.  It really did hold my attention to the end with the mystery of it all.

In the end, it was OK. I made it through the whole book so it held my attention enough - but is it something I'm gasping over - nah. & I DEFINITELY wouldn't recommend to any new mother to read - OHHHH NOOO WAYYYY.

“She had to play the game, even before she knew what the rules were.”

Oona Out of Order
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Oona's birthday is New Years Day & when she is is waiting on NYE for the strike of midnight for her 19th birthday, everything changes. From there, every midnight on NYE, Oona jumps on her time line - falling into her life at various ages - going forward & back - piecing the parts of her life together.

I really am a fan of Time Traveler's Wife - love the book and the movie. This book gave me those same sort of vibes.  

I had a lot of questions reading it - any time you bring time travel in, I think you open a HUGE door of questions that have no answer - but you just have to remember time travel isnt real, so just go with it.

I just loved Oona - & the whole story was interesting how she goes from 19 to her 50's back to her 20's ... her finding out what's going on in her life.  The fun references in some of the ages were fun too - very Forrest Gump, crossing paths of famous people down the road.

The book has some fun twists & turns & I think I gasped a few times.  It also is heartwarming & moving... & really a great reminder to love the day you are in.

Totally recommend!

“Time heals all. But what if time itself is the disease?”

Five Total Strangers
** / It was OK

Quick Summary:  A blizzard hits when Mira lands on a connecting flight.  She wont get home in time for the holidays when someone she met on the plane suggests she ride in a car that they rented together to get home. Soon, in the ride, Mira realizes that these people dont know one another & one of them is determined to not let Mira leave.

OK... this book was just so MEH to me. I had such high expectations on it but it just got on my nerves. I didnt like the characters... I didnt enjoy the ending & the big reveal, which really gave no details on the WHY of anything.  

Throughout the story, we hear Mira say "I gotta get away from this car" - & she never did... or her saying "I have to trust my instincts" - which her instincts were THE WORST.  

I only stuck it out because I wanted to see who in the car was "the bad guy" - but even that was just a disappointment.

I wouldnt recommend this.  It would be a good Netflix made movie - with an updated script.

I Know Who You Are
** / It was OK

Quick Summary:  A famous actress is hiding a secret & one person knows who she really is. When her husband goes missing & she's accused of his death, will all her secrets come to light?

OK - I wanted to read this author's books after I read Rock, Paper, Scissors & enjoyed it so much.  This one had the very much same creepy, mystery vibe & I was anxious to see how this was going to turn out.

Little did I know that this was going to be one of the most difficult books for me to get through. Honestly - this needs some BIG TIME TRIGGER WARINGS on it.  There's disgusting animal abuse, there's child abuse, & the end of the story - I wont give it away but I honestly got nauseated.  If I didnt have only 30 pages left, I would have just put it down ... or thrown it if it wasn't on my Kindle. 

GROSS, DISTURBING, MESSED UP... how I would describe it.

I gave it 2 stars because up to the end, I was held captive at the mystery - even through all the horrors of the book... but the ending - took it down for me. 
UGH... where's the bleach for my brain.... nope nope nope.

I personally wouldnt recommend this book - but if you like disturbing, mental trauma, then go for it.

We shake the facts of what happened in our minds, then watch and wait while the pieces settle into fiction. If we don’t like the way the pieces fall, we just shake the story again, until it looks how we want it to.

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