Friday, January 21, 2022

Friday Favorites



Favorite Coat Rack

I love this - giving me vintage vibes!
Didnt ever teen girl have those plastic ones like this in their room back in the 80's & 90's?

Favorite Candy Gift

Reese's is the Hubby's favorite - so this may need to be his Valentine's gift.
it could last him maybe a week - LOL

Favorite Mittens

Oh I get it... these are NOT practical at ALL...

But I bet they sure are WARM!!!!!
& they come in a bunch of colors!

Favorite Kitchen Mats

I love you get 2 sizes in this & right now they are 40% off.
I need to get an order in fast myself.
I love the cushy under my feet at the oven or sink!

& these wipe up so if you spill anything on them, you just wash it off! Smart!

Favorite Drink Holder

It's an adapter to put in your cup holder for the bigger water bottles you may tote around. I love this because I know some of mine will topple right out of my cup holder where it doesnt quite fit in.

Favorite Doggie Safety

You can clip your dog in the seat with this for all the safety.
Our Ozzie has become quite the car rider - LOVES to go with Hubby everywhere - but loves to sit IN HIS LAP... & he's not a little pup. 

I need to get one of these - I'll be the bad guy.

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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