Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thankful Thursday #340


Trying to get back into the swing of things... 
Life has just been a doozy lately... trying to feel "normal" after the TIA episode..
& then Hubby has COVID & I'm doing everything I can to avoid getting it.

2022 is kicking off with a bang.

Anyways - let me get into the attitude of gratitude here...

Thankful for:

New Computer
Hubby got me a new one for my birthday & I am loving it. It's fast & so lightweight. Trying to get everything loaded back up on it & all the favorites saved... but glad to have a fresh new computer.

BEAUTY-iful spoons
My sweet friend Meranda surprised me this week with this delivery.  I literally have never seen anything like these. They are even more beautiful in person.  She said since I'm cooking more using Hello Fresh, she thought I would appreciate them. But I'm like, How am I ever supposed to use these??/ They're just too beautiful!!!!

Walks in the Rain
After my TIA, the doctors said it helps prevent a future stroke if you move at least 20 minutes every day.  I took that news to heart. I have literally worked out, moved, walked, did something for 20 minutes every single day since I got home from the hospital.  One day, I even went walking in the rain to get fresh air.. & the hubby went with me.  What's so funny is there was someone else walking with an umbrella. 

Flowers still going
Work sent me flowers for my birthday since I wasn't in the office. They were so beautiful... & over 2 weeks later, I was able to grab some of the ones still thriving & put in a vase I had that made them even more beautiful.  I forget how much I love fresh flowers in my home.

Dilating Ride
I had to go to the ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked.  I knew they were going to dilate my eyes, which I didnt want to drive afterwards.  I'm thankful my brother ended up driving Hubby down to the doctor so Hubby could drive me home.  It worked out perfectly... & my eyes werent horribly miserable.  Just  slightly blurry - nothing I couldnt deal with.

I have to say, through all this, all the texts & calls from everyone checking on me, asking how I'm doing... it really has been the encouragement I've needed.  Going through scary things can make you feel very alone & the messages that are just giving a hug, they are what gets me through some days.

Snow Day
I'm so thankful we got to leave work early when snow hit us last week. We didnt get a lot of snow, but it was so slippery & icy.  We left just in time to avoid the rush hour traffic.  Working from home was great because the next day, with roads still being icy, we just stayed tucked in safe houses.  

Tell  me something good in your week!!!

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