Monday, January 31, 2022

The weekend I'm over winter

 Anyone else feeling like their living in the North Pole?

Man oh man... it was FREEZING here this weekend.  I get totally over winter by the time January comes around so to have to deal with SNOW & cold? I'm over it.

Friday, I got off work & had no idea it had been snowing as hard as it was.  I was totally oblivious... until I pulled out of the parking garage & got a quick wake up slap across my face.

Look at how big the snowflakes were that were falling!!!  Big ole fluffy ones!!!

& of course - that meant traffic everywhere!!!!!  I barely made it across the bridge & saw the expressway with all red lights. I pulled up the map & saw all the main roads were just RED - wrecks everywhere.  I was able to get a back road to beat some of the traffic, but even getting past a lot of the traffic, it still took me 1 hour & 20 minutes to get home.  Just a huge line of traffic on the way home... MISERY!!!!

Line of traffic straight ahead & you cant even see the end of it because it was a white out with the snow 

I never was so glad to get home in all my life.

Friday was pretty exciting too because I finally, after 30 days got to take off the heart monitor I had been wearing since leaving the hospital.

It wasn't really bothersome - except my skin. Under that tape, it was so irritated.  The picture doesnt really show how itchy & red it was... but man, its just raw. When I took a shower without it on there, I nearly screamed.  Like salt in a wound.

Technology is amazing though.  For this heart monitor, I carried this cell phone with me everywhere...

& it would monitor what my heart was doing over the past 30 days.  If I had any strange symptoms, I would log it in the phone - but they were always watching.  I would get messages from them if there was any issues -which freaked me out when they said, call immediately - I was like, OK, am I having a heart attack? No... something was just loose. LOL.

They were looking to see if I was having any A-fib issues, which can cause strokes... because again, they have nothing that shows why I had that TIA.  

The technology on this - because they were monitoring the full 30 days, I already have the results in my inbox & to the doctor - so cool.  They found no signs of A-fib the full 30 days. That's a relief.

Friday night was exciting too because we opened up the dogs new Bark Box.  It actually came in when Hubby had covid, so we put it aside so we could both be there when they got it. No one wants the other to be the "favorite" HAHA!  

Ozzie was cracking us up though because he was scared to death of this toy!  It made a really deep squeak noise & he was NOT a fan....

& Harvey Dent destroyed the other toy in less than 20 minutes. That's not like him at all.  The joke was on me because I was the one who had to walk around & pick  up all the stuffing from this toy.  

Saturday - I was awake at 4:30am - WHYYYY!!!!!! I took Zoe out potty & it was 1 degree outside - MY GOODNESS. Fastest pee ever - wonder it didnt just freeze coming out of her.  I got her in & I went into my Book Nook & was just in awe of the sky. Where it was so crisp & cold, the stars were so bright - & the moon was just amazing.  & there was a planet that was just GLOWING so bright too.  Pictures can never really grasp how beautiful a night sky is... it was just breathtaking.

But then the sun came up & it was equally beautiful!!!!

Because it felt like we were already up for 5 hours - which we were - we headed out to go pick up some breakfast.  Plus, I had to drop off that heart monitor at the UPS store or they would charge me for the unit. Forget you snow - we're getting to the UPS store!!!

We made it to Panera too & man oh man - what a let down. They messed up our breakfast sandwiches & we left hungrier than we got there.

I needed to run into Sam's Club too & was surprised when they stopped us at the door & gave us a handful of N95 masks.  Handy!

We loaded up on some healthy snacks & some spices.  I told Hubby those Red Pepper Flakes were for him for Valentine's Day - HAHA! He loves some spicy stuff!

We got home & I snuggled in with Harvey Dent while I read.  We stayed snuggled together for nearly an hour. This dog is just a cuddle bug - & he's our biggest boy.  He doesnt care.  He just wants to be held like he's a little 10 lbs dog.  He kept me warm on this freezing cold day!

The rest of Saturday, I did a few miles on the treadmill & then we watched some Spiderman & just sat in front of the heater.  Neither one of us could get warm all day long!

Sunday - I DID IT AGAIN... up at 4:30!!!! That is so aggravating.
I ended up finishing the show I was binging on Netflix over the weekend...

This was freaaakkkkyyyy - & the ending? I guess they left that to have another season? If anyone watched it, let's chat... I have so many questions.

We didnt do  a lot on Sunday.... ran out to do the horses, ran to Target to pick up a few things, grabbed some dinner... just a basic day.  Glad to see some of the snow melt.

& we're back to Monday!  

How was your weekend?

Was it freezing where you are?

What have you binged lately?

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