Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thankful Thursday #342


This week I am Thankful for:

Health Insurance
My goodness... I am SOOOO thankful. I got my hospital bill from my 3 days of being in the hospital in December & all the tests ran & all the ER stuff. I mean, when its a thick envelope & it covers front AND back - I was holding my breath. Luckily (unluckily?) where I had to go to the ER back in April, I met my deductible... so my hospital bill was under $50.00.  I seriously teared up in gratitude.  Hubby even said, what do you think would have happened if you had your old self insured insurance?  I'd be selling a car.

Do It Yourself Sleep Study
It's not really a Do it Yourself - but I didnt realize they did sleep studies now at home.  They're still trying to figure out what caused that TIA so sleep apena can cause blood clots & strokes (who knew?) - so they were checking me for that.  I'm not a big snorer & I dont have a lot of issues with sleep so I dont think this is an issue - but covering all the ground.  I dreaded going to a strange place to do this but they end up sending me home with this thing that wrapped around my chest, a tube that went in my nose & a oxygen meter for my finger... simple enough. I had to wear it for 4 days... so we'll wait for the results - but man, technology is just amazing.

This was exactly how mine looked.  
I actually laid on my stomach & it didnt bother me either.

Warm House
Its that time of year where I am so thankful for a warm & cozy home. I know it really is a blessing to have a space that just gives comfort & shelter - especially in the bitter cold evenings.

I am hooked on these things.  I got one that had Santa's on it for the holidays & enjoyed it so much, I got another one to use the rest of the year.  I keep it in my purse so if i'm out & get an iced coffee, I can throw it in & not have a sweating, dripping cup in my car or in my hands.

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This is the medium... which actually fits a VENTI or LARGE size drink.  FYI - I know I got confused on the sizes & didnt think it would fit - but it does.

Tell me something good about your week!

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