Friday, June 03, 2022

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Mug

After the Depp/Heard trial... I need this mug.
I will forever hear Camille Vasquez voice in my head. 

Favorite Exfoliators

Who doesnt love getting that dead skin off!!!!

Favorite Dump Bin

I love this now that I'm a certified Chef...
& by certified Chef - I mean, using Hello Fresh for 10 months.

Favorite Earbuds

I have these in black & love them.
Tried them out because they were so cheap.
But now, because I do like them, I want the pretty colors - love this rose gold!
I'm sure there's some with better controls out there - but for me, the quality is good & at that price, I dont freak out if I lose them.

Favorite Ice Pop Molds

Tell me every kid wouldnt love these.

& the inside looking like bones????

Favorite Wedges

These Crocs have been slamming my Instagram
Popping up everywhere
They're almost making me break & going ahead & buying them.
So many colors too!

Favorite Blender on the go

I love me some smoothies during the warmer days & have been looking at these to bring to work for a lunch smoothie.
I'm intrigued. I see you have to make the pieces small - Look at the little ice tray you're supposed to use- itty bitty ice.
Anyone have a portable blender they use?

Favorite Spoon Rest

A big ole Ravioli! 

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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