Thursday, June 09, 2022

Thankful Thursday #361


This week I am Thankful for:

Sun Hat
I found this at Sam's Club & just thought it was so cute. Perfect to try & keep some of that sun off my face during the summer while I'm out reading. I turn into Pippi Longstocking with all the freckles in summer!

Morning Devotional outside
I have started doing this 100 day devotional with P31 & am loving it so far.  I've been finding time in my day Monday - Friday - but on the weekend, I have enjoyed making my cup of coffee & taking it outside & starting my day with it.  My mornings always just seems to spring off Mon-Fri for some reason, but I get it in some time during the day - even if its right before I go to bed.  On the weekend, I enjoy being able to go slow with my morning & enjoy it.

She's just acting like a puppy lately.  So full of pep & life. Wanting to be around the boys & watch them - enjoying us holding her.  It was raining the other day & I picked her up & let her look out the front window. Normally, she just didnt want to be bothered - this time, she just watched with perk ears & sat up so straight in my arms. I'm so glad she's doing well.  She's 2 months away from turning 17.  Finding her 2nd breath in life.  Keep it up Zoe!

Clean car
My car... whew - it was so gross inside.  So much hay & barn dirt.  I made it a mission over the weekend to get it clean. Ahhhh... doesnt it feel so amazing to have a clean car?  I cleaned the dashboard, got my carpets & seats all vacuumed out - it looks brand new!  We have a new car wash near by that just opened too & they offer a monthly deal where you pay a fee & can do as many washes you want!  Because they offer a free vacuum too - I may take advantage of it.  Its on my way home so I can ride through every day if I wanted to & keep my car clean.  I think I'm going to sign up!

Prime Wardrobe
I know a lot of people use Stitch Fix & I used to - I really need to give it a go again.  But I use Amazon Wardrobe every now & then & love it. I've been looking for some tank tops & shorts - just stuff to be comfortable in during summer, & I've loved that I can have things shipped, try it on & return anything I dont want to keep.  The best way to shop.

Little Library Finds
Yes, I talked a little bit about the little library where I have been dropping off books.. well, I found these when I made a stop & I had to take advantage. Grabbed them to see if there are any good receipes in them. I'll probably return to share so someone else can enjoy them.

Tell me something good about your week!

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