Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Pool

If I knew my dogs wouldnt pop this in 0.18 seconds, I would get it for summer.
What a fun way to stay cool & not have to invest in a lot of chemicals & all the pool stuff.

Favorite Solar Lights

We all know I love some solar lights but how fun are these for summer.
Give me all those firework feels

Favorite Relaxing Spot

Hubby has been wanting to put a pavillion back in our back property & with the price of wood right now, WHEW - the price quotes have been severe. I'm like, let's just get this. I like it has mosquito nets on it too.  So much cheaper too!

Favorite Hair Scrunchie

I bought a scrunchie a long time ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond that is for night time/sleeping use - where it isnt hard on your hair to use.  Since all the stores around us closed - I've been looking for more of them - BINGO!

Favorite Hair Ties

Speaking of hair stuff... how cute are these ponytail holders!!!!

Favorite Tick Preventer

We live in Tick Central USA
Honestly, I can sit outside, near our home, not in a wooded area - & have a tick on me.
We pull at least a half dozen ticks off Hubby every weekend.
I am going to need stock in this.

Favorite Kitchen Sponges

Favorite Funnies

Have a great weekend!!!

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