Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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100 Inspirational Stickers

I love these for little throws of cuteness & personality in my planner or in my notebook.  There are all sizes that are included in these. & they're vinyl so they work on water bottles or laptops.  Just fun to play with.  

Readers Sunglasses

I need just a little distance in my vision when driving so I got these to wear behind the wheel. I've tried some readers before in sunglasses & they were all distorted before - these are actually nice. The frames feel nice too.

The TubShroom

You can imagine how fast my tub gets clogged up with all this mop of hair.
I'm forever digging out hair out of the drain - so I've tried this & actually love it. 
Now,water is slower to drain with this in - but it does catch the hair on it where I can remove it a lot easier than taking something down the drain & trying to unclog the pipes.

Tile - Keys & phone Finder

It took 3 wake up's at 4:30am from the Hubby trying to find his keys that I said, Yep, buying this.  He is forever losing his keys... so I got him one & then thought, I'll get one too.  I really like this. we've used it a few times already! Once to find keys & you can also click the button on the TILE to find your phone too.  We've actually used that more than the keys.  Handy to have!

Collagen Face Cream

I am just enjoying all these products. 
I use so much of them now.

Massage Gun

I know these were the hot gift over the holidays & I ended up getting one for myself & man... I LOVE this baby.  I will quite often pull a muscle  in my upper back & neck & it takes at least a week to heal. I pulled it not too long ago & used this on the spot throughout the day & it only ached just a little bit the next day. I was SHOCKED! 

Iced Tea Maker

My new best friend for summer

Dishwasher Accessory

Got this because  Hubby is forever asking me if the dishes are clean or dirty in the dishwasher.... 
Take a guess if this helped him stop asking. LOL
I try though. I try.

Vegan Cookbook

I am loving learning how to do vegan cooking but some of the recipes have crazy ingredients - so I wanted to look for some easier ones - this is a decent & fun cookbook!  Totally not your dinner party recipes but its good for some quick & easy ideas

What's something you're loving from Amazon?

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