Tuesday, December 27, 2022

One Year ago today...

 We survived Christmas!!! Yahoo!!!!

It always feels like it comes on fast & is even over faster!  No complaints here.  But I am putting in my planner for 2023 to start shopping starting in September. No joke. I hate this last minute stuff & especially when a winter storm comes in & knocks out your last day you were planning on shopping on. Yikes.

I'm planning on doing a Christmas recap post - I took pictures this year - even fired up my Nikon. Hello old friend.... but I still need to upload the pics & see if I can remember how editing works.

But I'll just do a quick recap today by saying, It was just lovely.... you cant ask for more than that.

I'll do more details sometime this week... or soon.

This is going to be a crazy week for me.  End of the year stuff - so much on my plate - PLUS, my drivers license expires. Who wants to handle the BMV at the end of the year.  This should be fun.

But today... the 27th... I'm holding my breath today.  So many memories. So many....this time last year, I was feeling this - I should have noticed that ... it's one year ago today I had my mini-stroke. 

Let me tell you - that day has changed my life.

It left me, someone who hated medicine, on a regimen now of blood pressure meds - of cholesterol meds.- on an aspirin a day... dealing with migraines.

It left me very aware of my body - noticing when things aren't right or something feels off.

It left me knowing that life can change in a blink of an eye. I know we all know this - but until you really feel it deep in your life, it takes on a whole new meaning.

I can remember laying in the hospital for 3 days & a doctor telling me what the odds were of having a major stroke after this - & I was laying there all alone - & terrified. 

33% - that was the number.... 1 in 3 odds.

33 % chance nothing will happen again if you take care of yourself & get healthy.

33% chance you will have another mini -stroke

33% chance you will have a major stroke that could be crippling or fatal.

Those aren't good odds to me.  I can remember laying in the bed just freaking out. Really great for blood pressure & trying to stay calm, huh?

The odds are supposed to be better for each month you get out from that TIA date.  Its even better once you get to 3 years.  More serious things happen sooner after the TIA

So here I am 1 year down.  Creeping away from scary time lines... & thankful I am doing good so far.
Going to make some "resolutions" (I hate that word) or "life changes" (better) that help me get another year & then ANOTHER year from this date... healthy & strong.

Cheers to a year gone by... a year of living... a year of health... a year of loving, happiness & family.

Take care of yourselves everyone!

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