Saturday, November 03, 2007

Back home

I'm home...a little happy but a little sad. Glad to be back home - In honor of my mom's Wizard of Oz world "There is no place like home" - but I miss holding that little wiggle worm! When I left, I just bawled - didnt want to leave him at all.

The flight home was MUCH better (thanks for the prayers guys!) It was smooth & quick - just the way I like it - if you really consider me "liking" it!

But here are some things that I learned on the trip!

1. I miss Julie & want her home with us or at least CLOSE driving distance!

2. Isaac is probably the cutest little boy in the world (bias?)

3. I learned that a baby's cry can make Ricky jump quicker than anything I've ever seen before! Even though I think that little "lamb"cry has to be the cutest thing - & I promise, I didn't pinch him just to hear it! I also learned Isaac loves the outside to quite down that cry QUICK! He's going to be an outdoorsman!
4. I learned that dogs can remember people after long periods of time - when Pippin saw us, you could tell it was the first reaction of "Oh yipee, visitors" - but then you could see it CLICK - & he knew it was us & got so excited. That is one smart puppy!

5. I learned I could sit for hours just to watch a babies facial reactions - & get so much joy out of the smallest smirk.

6. I learned that I love my small town of Greenville! Holy cow - people drive like maniacs in Houston! I'm not a 'big city' type of person anymore. I enjoy the quiet & fresh air of the country.

7. I learned I have the best friends & family in the world. Friend would call & make sure I was OK or leave messages via phone, email - just to let me know they were praying for me & my flight & the visit - is that the best??? And my parents - they stayed with my doggies & took care of them while we were gone & spoiled them like they can only be spoiled.
All in all - I learned I am so blessed! In so many ways! And I'm just thankful for technology too - where I can see pictures of Isaac quickly & hear his voice & video - & who knows- maybe I'll do it again soon just so I can see that face (oh, my stomach just flipped thinking of it!) I guess I need to recuperated from this trip first!


Just a quick note on this last picture - this was my perfect morning....I just woke up, got to get Isaac after his morning feeding & hold him while he feel asleep. The pugs got right up there & feel asleep in my lap too. This is the picture of pure happiness!


  1. I already miss you guys so much. I bawled too after you left. And I must agree 100% that Isaac is the cutest baby in the entire world. Remember, we're "just" a quick plane trip away ;) Love you.

  2. I am SOOOoo glad you went! And Isaac is totally adorable. You definitely look like you're in the happy zone in the recliner. I know I love it when my "babies" are curled up on me sleeping.


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