Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where does the time go?

I was just reminded this morning that I just had my 15 year anniversary at my job over the weekend! 15 YEARS! Oh my goodness - where does the time go? I can remember when I graduated from high school & the prospect of college was there facing me & I couldnt imagine what 4 more years in school would feel like! 4 years - I laugh in the face of 4 years! How the heck does 15 years fly by so fast!

When I started my job, I was 20 years old (giving my age away here) - not even married, starting as a receptionist. To think of the changes in life during that time & to think how much has happened since I've been here. I've changed my name (getting married - not joining the Witness Protection or anything), have moved to Indiana, have lost pets, grandparents, aunt & uncles, friends, pregnancies....have became an aunt, a grandmother, gotten more pets (yipee!) have seen people come & go here(stayed in contact with some still). To think of how far I've come in the company. Starting out in that front desk answering the phones & greeting people, to becoming the Billing Manager of our company - to the position I'm in now in our Accounting Department. Its just funny to see where life takes you.

When I started here, I never thought it would last this long - & now, its just like home. I'm sure I spend more time here than home - thats for sure. It just shows that you can never predict how the road of a job will go. Now as I sit in my Beauty & The Beast decorated office, looking out my window (it took me 13 years before I got a window!), I do know that I am blessed to have the job I have. Blessed in so many ways I can't even explain. So when I walked in this building as a young 20 yr old - I'm so glad God had this plan already laid out for me.

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  1. Congratulations... I am not sure that I have stayed anywhere for 15 years... okay... motherhood...but I couldn't find a way to get out of that one!!!! Can't wait to see what the next 15 years holds... like SCRABBLE!!!!!!!


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