Friday, November 09, 2007


Oh, how I dread this time of year! When that clock sets back & its dark at 5:30 - I cant stand it! I want to just go home, put on the warmest, snuggliest pair of sweats & socks & huddle under blankets - my own personal hibernation.
Isn't it funny how when the sun is down, it makes it harder to do the "get up & go" things. My mind tells me its time to settle in, do the night routines & get to bed. Not to mention the chill in the air that REALLY makes me want to stay inside & not come out!

I always look forward to December 21st because that's when the sun starts rising 1 minute earlier each day - & setting 1 minute later. Only 42 days away - but who's counting?

I did see an article in the Courier Journal yesterday about this whole topic - see, I'm not the only "Solar Energy Person" in the world! You?

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  1. Ya..I dont really like it when it gets dark so early either. The past two nights I had to be somewhere around 6:30, and it was dark when I was leaving home, and I really did not want to go! (Even though the places where I was going was something for fun) I just wanted to stay home because it was dark and seemed like it was too late to be going out!


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