Friday, November 02, 2007

Modern Day Nanny!

Oh yeah - I'm a modern day nanny here - I'm blogging while holding little Isaac in my lap - what a world! I've had the best 2 days because I've been in charge of baby sitting! Last night, we tried to go out to dinner together but Isaac was having NONE of it! He screamed like never before once he got in the car seat - Nanny to the rescue! I told everyone to go out & do what they need to do & I'll watch Isaac. It was the best night, sitting holding him, my grand-pugs sitting with me, watching Ugly Betty - could there be a better night? I dont think so! Today, I'm baby sitting again - not for a great reason - Julie is sick & Ricky took her to the doctor - so I'm glad we're here right now. I've got some great baby time in. The downfall of this -Its going to make leaving even harder! I've already gotten use to the feel of this wiggle worm in my arms! I'm just going to enjoy my last day with him - all I can do! Everyone - lift up a prayer for Julie - being a busy new mommy while having a sinus infection - not good! My little snugglers is wiggling around right now - time to love on him even more!


  1. I knew you would make it down there just fine and I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself. We can't wait to see you again so that we can ask you 1,000 questions!

    We are praying that your trip home will be better than it was on the way down.

  2. Get a hug for me on the little one as well... and hey... just for the record... I am about to one-up you again.... Rachel is expecting... tell Julie to get on the stick, she now owes you three more!!!!

    So... Modern Day Nanny... I am willing to share the snuggles up here with anyone of my little ones... just let me know and we'll hold a babysitting party!!!!

  3. YIPEE for Rachel - WOW - shes going to be BUSY! Emma is just still a baby! I'm thrilled to hear the news for the whole family! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. I feel for her and the sinus infection. I have been struggling with one since Tuesday....and I am still sick. It is horrible..


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