Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I just finished my latest book, "Doesn't She Look Natural" by Angela Hunt. She is one of my favorite authors that writes cute little contemporary Christian novels. She also has some biographies, historical works, a prophetic collection - she does it all. I also saw where one of her books is being made into a movie that will play on the Hallmark Channel this Christmas - based on the book "The Note" - which is an EXCELLENT book! One of my favorites - actually two - are "Uncharted" and "The Debt".... she has some great books.

I have to say though, I was sort of disappointed in this book - it was OK - but not my favorite. Maybe I'm just use to higher standards from her - but there was one point in this book that really touched me & made me think - (so I guess all in all, if it made me think - it couldnt have been too bad!)

In this book, the main character's husband cheated on her with their nanny leaving her alone with 2 sons. Towards the end of the book, he came back to see the sons with some news. Upon arriving, he is talking to his mother in law. Just these two sentences between them really hit me.
"I never meant to hurt them," he says.
"Of course not," she answers. "Hurt is a by-product. It's what gets dished out on our loved ones when we seek our own way."

WOW - what we dish out on our loved ones when we choose our own way! I guess it hit me right at a time when I'm hearing so much about obedience & obeying our God. I actually typed in the word obey in one of my favorite Bible look up sites, Biblegateway.com and 223 different scriptures came up on that one word!

How important it is to try & obey God & what he commands & not what we want & what would make life easier for us!

How many times have we been hurt because someone has chosen to do something the way THEY wanted & not the way God intended? I bet you can think of a dozen things right off the bat - in an instant of a thought. But think now, how many people have you hurt because of doing things YOUR way? That's not an easy answer you'd probably like to ponder on. Think even how many times, in the end, you've hurt yourself choosing your own way - the way you THOUGHT would be best - consequences - a whole other topic! I know for me, it gives me a reason to want to better myself - to listen to God & obey HIM more - so others around me don't get hurt. That's the life God intended right there!

So even though it wasnt my most favorite book ever - with just 2 sentences, it touched me. Now, onto my next book!


  1. Those two sentences are so powerful. Why is it so hard to remember, especially when we are being selfish and stubborn at times, that God loves us more than we could possibly comprehend and that he gave us the Bible to help us and to protect us. His Word contains not only a roadmap for our salvation, but also joy and blessings when we obey his commands, (not to mention severe warnings of what happens when we don't). We don't think about it like this when we disobey God, but I guess we all think we know better than God sometimes. (Doesn't that look funny to even see those words written down- "we know better than God"!)

  2. I agree with Jennifer...very powerful! How many times we have hurt and been hurt because of this very thing. And how many times have we hurt God because we want to do our own thing instead of listen to him. Makes you kind of sick doesn't it?


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