Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dance Party USA

I have been cracking up finding old videos of "Dance Party USA"!!! Does anyone else in the world remember this show? It use to come on in the late 80's & every day after school, I would turn it on. It was my generation's "Bandstand". I couldn't miss it! There were regulars on there that you just had to see - who was dating who - what are they wearing - & oh boy - wait till you see what they were wearing! I'm reminded looking back at these videos that a few things were so cool:

*Acid Wash Denim (with the legs pegged so tight around the ankle)
*Banana Clips for that glorious hair sprayed hair
*Bangs & hair teased so high you can see through the top layers
*Head bands ala Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" style
*Half shirts! Yes, they made them like that -I remember, shorter in the front with longer tails in the back (Why????)
*Huge earrings - (my ear lopes are still damaged from those things! - seriously)
*Bow clips

And the regulars - man, looking back at these videos - I can remember them. There was one girl who was named "Princess" - who was the biggest Prince fan & every time she would dance, she'd have to kick her leg up! I wonder if she still is a Prince Fan......

There is also the regular, Bobby, who was the STUD of the show! He would wear sun glasses & work out gloves & would NEVER take them off! I think one Valentine's special - he had a solo dance & at the end, he took his glasses off for like 5 seconds - it was like the EVENT of the season!!!! He always reminded me of Kirk Cameron. I wonder where he's at in life now - does he still sport the shades?

And the most famous regular - Kelly Ripa! You can find all kinds of videos with her & her big hair on the show! How funny! I can actually remember her from watching it years ago! Oh - it was my dream to be on that show! Now, looking back - WOW, I'm so glad I wasn't on it - no proof that I ever looked like that! (I did almost find my pictures to post of my Kid-n-Play glasses with big blond hair & black & white polka dot "fly girl" dancing shirt ---- oh, I was COOL!)

Check out the video - first, notice how awesome & technical the opening scene was! And Yes, that's Kelly Ripa in the front with the red sequin band around her arm!


  1. That's hilarious!! You must post that picture!!!!

  2. Ok...that's embarrassing. I can't believe I was right at home dancing along with them, wearing those clothes.




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