Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy-o!

I have to give a shout out to my dad! Today is his birthday!!!!! What did he do so far on his birthday - he told me he went & got his horse some new shoes! There's a horse lover for you! But some of you have heard me talk about my dad in lessons or just in conversation - my dad is awesome! I was thinking of some things that I remember about him.

*He was a great example of a Christian father - I watched him serve as a Deacon in the Baptist church for most of my growing up years!

*He's the one we call - even today - if something is broke & we need to know what to do

*He's the one who gets excited when he sees his daughter has knitted an actual sock!!!

*He's the one who taught me to love storms & sit out in the middle of them - wanting it to get windier & rain harder!

*He's the one who loves little kids & can entertain them for hours with things just out in nature

*He's the one who took me up to a little town of Dale, Indiana - where he grew up - each year & showed me what a real small town was!

*He's the one who would trade any of his children in for more horses!!!! Just kidding - well, maybe he would trade my brother - JOKING!

*He's a true cowboy who does AMAZING things with horses! You'd really be jaw-dropped on some things!

*He's the one who would make some "special bread" for me for breakfast every weekend when I was little - or drive down to get donut holes on Sunday before church!

I could say SO many things - my dad is just awesome! And yeah, can you tell - no matter how old a girl can get - she can always be her daddy's girl!!!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. This is so sweet!! It sounds like you are really close to your dad, as I am with mine. I am a true blue daddy's girl. So many things that you mentioned reminds me of my dad. He always made sure that we were in church. We still call my dad for advice about things or what to do. My dad gets so excited about my knitting also. He always wants to know what new things I am knitting. LOL I made him a grandpa for the first time this year... he loves to play with my little girl. It just makes his day. When I was younger... my dad would always make me biscuits and chocolate gravy for breakfast on the weekends. I love it!! And no one can make it like him! I hope and pray that my little girl has a bond with my husband, like I have with my daddy.

  2. Aw that is such a sweet post! Made me think of my own dad. Having a wonderful father is such a blessing. AND a curse - cause I'm not sure I'll ever find a man that can live up to him! ha!! :)


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