Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock the Reception

I have a new favorite show! Rock the Reception! - its on TLC which is the best channel. The idea is an engaged couple gets the choreographers, Tabitha & Napoleon, to show them an amazing routine to a song for their first dance & then they surprise everyone at their wedding reception with a fantastic performance! Its just so fun because the expression on the guests faces says it all! But if I had my dream job - it would be a wedding coordinator & put that along with dancing - how can I NOT like this show? Oh - if this was popular LONG ago when I got married - I SOOOO would have done it. Don't know how Ricky would have felt about it, but I bet if it involved roller skates - he would be up for it!

Here's a sample of the dance & just look at everyone's faces - that's what makes it all so fun!


  1. That's awesome!! I've never seen that show but there are tons of videos like that on youtube. A british couple did "the" dance from dirty dancing and it's pretty cool.

  2. I have really enjoyed that show. My husband was watching it with me the other night and he said, "I'm so glad this show was not around when we got married... I'm sure your would have wanted to do something crazy like that!" Which is probably true!! LOL


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