Wednesday, July 30, 2008


OK - that was just crazy! You've all heard about my leg & the Slip N Slide accident I had about 8 weeks ago. Its still been bothering me - getting worse every day - so my family doc sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. I was anxious as to what he was going to say or do. I get there & he props my leg up & starts poking. Whimpers & "OUCH"'s are coming from me & then he tells me what it is. Apparently the bruising & the blood built up caused it to "gel like jelly" - (Gagging now) & my body wouldnt absorb it - & its getting harder each & every day. He said I could just let it go & my body would eventually absorb it but it would probably take 6 months for that to happen - all the while, having the pain come along with it. OR - I could just let him cut it open & clean it & drain it - RIGHT THERE!!!! WHAT? My immediate reaction - I'll wait the 6 months - but then I remember how bad it hurts & whats a little bit of pain compared to a half of a year. The doctor's concern was scarring & if it bothered me - what's a scar but a life story so I told him that didn't bother me & then told him - "Let's do it"

I never knew surgeons could do this - but next thing I know - I'm in a room in the office that is prepped for minor surgical procedures! And I call it a surgical procedure because there was a scapel involved & he cut my leg open right there! Alot of stinging, pushing & pain but he said everything looked good afterwards. He said it'll take just about 2 weeks for it to heal - which is MUCH better than 6 months. And its packed up & I have to pull that out tomorrow (that will make me gag too) but then I'm on the way to getting back to normal - FINALLY!!!
I had asked him if I could look up & over at it while he was doing it - he said, "I RECOMMEND you don't" - UGH - maybe I didn't want to see the inside of my leg afterall!

So tonight - I've got the leg propped up & ready to get it completely healed! Praise the Lord!!! And I just want to say thanks to all my friends who have called & prayed with me & offered help & concern - nothing else is as special as that! I love you guys!!!!


  1. Wow!! What a day... I hope you feel better soon. I'll be sending prayers your way!

  2. Oh my! Who woulda thunk?!

    I'm so glad you went in to the doctor, and that the procedure wasn't too bad.

    I'll keep you in my prayers, my blogging buddy. :)

  3. I'm so glad that you toughed it out and decided to get it taken care of!

    We're praying for you!

  4. Man, I totally would have looked! That sounds cool. Well, sorry you're in pain, but hopefully now that they've cleared it out, the pain will be shortlived, as opposed to the alternative. Hope it heals soon for you. Love you.

  5. I'm glad you had it done. Two weeks sounds so much better than 6 months.

  6. I am glad that you are on the road to healing now. It is probably best that you did not look though when he was doing it. Then they would have had to revive you as well as take care of your leg!

  7. Praying for a quick recovery. Glad the doctor discovered when he did!
    Here's to knitting while your leg is up :)

  8. Trust me - you didn't want to see what was going on. I looked - wish I hadn't. I am so glad to hear you're doing fine and the healing has begun! I'll keep up the prayers...and for the AC too.

  9. Wow, that's crazy...You are a trooper for sure! Glad the recovery time is much shorter!


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