Sunday, July 06, 2008


Oh my! After working on this thing for 6 months - I finally finished it! This was the intended wrap that I wanted for Easter - yes, which was in March this year - and had problems with it a few months ago that I posted about! But I've said before how I am - ready to start other projects, but I have too many on needles & have been determined to finish some. So I stuck to my guns & afer finishing my Monkey socks - I finished this wrap!!!! I felt like I worked an eternity on this thing!!! Well, maybe not to that extreme - but after finally doing the last row & weaving in the ends - I was so excited, I screamed! Ricky was the best husband making such a big deal over it & telling me how nice it looked! So, what am I to do afterwards? I've just been sitting around the house in this cotton wrap - & yes, cranked up the air to compensate for it! But now, its all wrapped up, put in the "knit drawer" & ready to wear & go whenever it calls for it.

And now - I'm excited - I get to start a new project!!!!


  1. Oh wow! That is gorgeous! Is that a feather and fan pattern? What yarn did you use?

    GREAT job on getting it finished!

  2. Thanks! I think its off of the fan& feather pattern. I got this off the Lionsbrand web page - its called a "very easy Ripple Shawl"

    And I just used some cotton - cant remember the name. I think it was Omega. Nothing fancy - just wanted something to be able to wear with everything.

  3. That is a beautiful shawl!! Great work!!

  4. Hey there. The shawl is beautiful, and so are you. I loved your "Green" Talking blog post. You sound just like I thought you would and your so cute with your bags. I too just bought some, and they are the greatest things. Thanks too for all your lovely comments on my blog. I do appreciate it. Thanks

  5. It's gorgeous!!!! Feather and Fan is my all-time favorite pattern.

  6. I'm so impressed! That is beautiful! You are really talented, girl. Seriously!

  7. That is unbelievable! I can't imagine being that disciplined on a project so detailed to actually complete it! Well done!


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