Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tree Photo Link Party!!

So I'm normally doing the Hodgepodge thing on Wednesday, but my blog buddy Veronica, is doing a Christmas Tree Photo Link Party & I wanted to join in...
because c'mon - who doesnt love a party?
(You can click the button above & go to her blog & join in as well!)
Another  blog buddy, Kimberely is hosting a Tree Link up.
Tis the season for Christmas Tree Link up FUN!

I love my Christmas tree...

This is actually a new one.

It was a wonderful compromise - without us even knowing it.

Ricky loves the chubby trees... I love the slim trees.... we found this one & its called "slim" but its not as slim as the one we had last year
(Yes, I had another slim tree last year, but it was AWFUL - it was falling apart as I was putting it together - so I took it back the day after Christmas)

This one even rotates - which the Hubs always wanted

The bad thing?
Once we put presents under the tree, it cant spin.  I tried to keep the presents low underneath, but it didnt turn out well...

& as you can see - our tree is still Disney...

we love Disney...

ornaments through the year from the Disney Store - from Hallmark - from Disney World itself, & from friends...

Mickey is tucked around everywhere

In snow globes

Our stocking hangers

Even a mini Disney tree on our foyer table

But of course, what its about - JESUS

I love our Nativity scene

Its actually a new one. 

I got this last year & it was just Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus...
The angel was seperate & didnt even go with it - but I thought it fit in perfectly... & I love it on the side table ... a lamp that shines down on it at night...beautiful

& now, our new piece
which isnt Disney
but its even better...

Santa & Jesus!!!!

My Christmas present from my parents...

I adore it...

Again, the poem that goes with it will be posted on Christmas Day here
Come check it out... it's pretty awesome

& just for the record... while taking pictures, this is the pair of eyes I had watching me

She hates getting her picture taken - she usually puts her ears back like she's in trouble... but I snuck in one... one is all that counts :)

Merry Christmas from our household to yours!
Cant wait to see everyone else's trees!


  1. I hope to remember to link up tonight...don't think I'll share quite so much detail though!

    Your home looks festive!

  2. Your tree spins!?! So cool! And I LOVE the Disney theme. It would be fun to play I-spy with your tree :) I have been looking for a nativity set - I have a small one that is all one piece but would like one more along the lines of what you have - I would have never guessed that the angel was not part of the set, it is beautiful :) Thanks so much for sharing and linking up! Merry Christmas :)

  3. Beautiful! All of it and especially your puppy.

    I love your tree and all the Disney ornaments. That Santa picture is really beautiful!

  4. I love your tree and all the Disney ornaments! We are searching for a pre-lit tree. I saw some in the store that spun ... I thought that would be so neat. I never thought about how the packages underneath interfering with its ability to spin around.

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention that I just LOVE your nativity set!! Who makes that?

  6. I thouroughly enjoyed looking at your photos. Your tree is gorgeous and I love the ornaments. Way to go! Merry Christmas....

  7. Such a beautiful tree and I love all your decorations! I must say, however, that your doggie takes the cake, hand's down! Wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, my friend!

  8. Oh my goodness, a spinning Disney tree!!! Complete awesomeness!! :) I just love the shape of your tree and the ornaments are adorable!! The nativity is so beautiful as well!! This is such a fun link-up party :) Have a blessed day!!

  9. A spinning tree, neat! It is quite lovely too.
    I especially love all the Disney ornaments and decorations. I am a big Disney fan. I am actually going to be in Orlando next week and hope to be able to visit Disney World while there. I would love to see it decorated for Christmas.

  10. omg--I am loving your camera, and your pics are awesome, too:)


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