Friday, August 02, 2013

Friday Fragments

* DOGGIE BIRTHDAYS .... we celebrated 2 of our doggie's birthdays yesterday.  Buffy turned 11 & Zoe turned 8.  I thought it was 9 & then refigured the math... (Does it scare anyone that I do accounting & couldn't get her birthday right?) ... We were glad Buffy made it to her birthday. She's not doing too well lately.  She's not eating some nights, slowing down, sleeping more... if we still have her around by the end of the year, I'll be surprised.  Always the worst part of being a pet owner... so we loved on her extra doses for her birthday yesterday.

* DOGGIE DANGER.... Speaking of dogs - I keep reading on my Aussie Facebook group page about the dangers of chip bags...  so many people talking about how their dogs have suffocated by putting their heads in bags to lick the crumbs. WHAT?  SOMEONE... not saying names... Ricky.... is so bad about leaving bags around his recliner when playing xBox ... now I'm paranoid & going to be on bag alert watch at all times

* SHE GROANS, SHE GROANS (SUNG TO THE LYRICS OF RICKY  MARTIN "SHE BANGS") ... OK, I get it... the past week, I've been moaning & groaning on my blog.  First about my glasses & then my weight & doctor's appointment... my dad totally called me out on it yesterday too & said I should change my name from Knit by God's Hand to 'Whining in God's Hands'... Alright... point taken

* SHE'S GOT BETTY DAVIS EYES .. speaking of groaning & glasses... DAD, this isn't groaning, just informing... I'm taking my glasses back.  I actually have no problem with the transition & the different levels ... I just can't SEE out of them.  The middle area, its just blurry like its not right... the reading level?  Not strong enough... so I'm planning on going back this weekend.  I bet they will LOVE seeing me walk through the doors again.

* TO RACE OR NOT TO RACE... is not even the question.  I'm totally racing!  But the big races, the Triple Crown & the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon registration opened yesterday!  YAHOOO!!!!!  I've now got a new reason to do it after this past race & not being able to do the 13.1 miles due to my stinking back.  I love a goal.

*FUNNY OF THE DAY, (WITH A TOUCH OF FLASHBACK)... I actually had flashbacks because I remember my parents making me get in a fake-alligator's mouth in "Alligator Land" in Florida... the teeth were killing me, but they thought the picture was fantastic...

I like these parents

* TRICKY .... So I totally want to try this out on someone...


*TV Time ....
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey ... who knew Juicy Joe could be the peacemaker telling Teresa to just let it go with Jacqueline.  I was shocked.  Too bad he's probably getting shipped out of the country soon.
  • Bachlorette ... Goodness... that was just heart breaking.  The guy tells her he doesn't love her & she still says, "You broke my heart but I love you"... Oh Des... that was just sad.  I'm anxious to see what happens.  How in the world could she even think of picking Drew or Chris after she pretty much said Brooks is the only one she wants to give her heart too... anyone else thinking he comes back?
  • Big Brother ... I read that Julie Chen said she will not avoid the topic of racism when Aaryn gets voted out.  Anyone else excited to see her get out now just for that interview?  GO JULIE!
  • Extreme Weight Loss Edition... I woulda been ticked if I had to run a marathon without all the fanfare of the actual event.  Just hit the road & run 26.2 miles yourself?... even in Paris, that would bite...

* FUNNY VIDEO TIME ... my dad sent me this & said the twins love it... its so stupid, but funny.  The little cartoon things are what I love... & the song is actually catchy....Enjoy!  & HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!


  1. That video...ha! People are crazy or maybe stupid! :)

    Your doggies are adorable!! Praying for sweet Buffy :(

    I didn't know that about chip bags, but I did just hear that dogs are not allowed to have grapes! Not that I feed my pups grapes, but I didn't know! I do know that dogs don't like carrots (from dropping them on the floor)...kind of like!

    My mom had to go back 4 times to get her transition glasses right...good news is that she finally did and now she loves them. Hope you have the same experience!

    Do you watch Couples Therapy? It's a train wreck, but I can't look away. (kind of reminds me of RHONJ ;) I do think Dr. Jen has some good advice for these people.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Happy birthday puppies! I'm so excited you're racing again! I'm not sure that I can do all of the Triple Crown this year but definitely doing the Derby. Not sure if it'll be the full or half yet though. Depends on the course.

  3. Happy Birthday to your pups!

    Who knew Juicy Joe was not a citizen!

  4. Did I already talk to you about this? I ABSOLUTELY think he comes back! That's the only explanation. Either he comes back, or she picks no one. Can't wait to find out tomorrow night!

  5. First, happy birthday to your pups, especially Buffy. I know what it is to lose an aging pet so a special day to her.
    Second, it is not whining to want to see -- though whining by God's Hand was clever -- kudos to your dad.
    I hope you had a great weekend!


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