Monday, August 26, 2013

Wheew... what a weekend...

I don't even know where to begin with this weekend wrap up...

Talk about busy - talk about emotional - talk about inspiring - talk about everything... it was thrown in...

I'll do a BRIEF recap.. (yeah, sure... ever known me to be brief)

But I could literally post for days about the messages given at the Women of Faith conference I went to this weekend in Indianapolis... just amazing... probably one of the best WOF's I've ever been too...

Friday - I took off work & some of the ladies from our church all rode up together to Edinburg & their outlet mall.

Here are some highlights of the weekend:

* I was a little giddy when I found a Saucony shoe outlet!  Yes - I walked out with not one - but TWO new pairs of running shoes... & both pairs both cost me less then what my last pair cost me...

* its always fun to shop with ladies who are up for having a good time - even while shopping...
Because every lady needs neon glasses with sticky rubber all over them... duh...

* A 2 hour ride will FLY by when you have laughter, tears, great conversation going in a car

* I really don't like Women of Faith got rid of their stage in the center of the arena... my neck hurt by the end of the event looking one direction the whole time

* CeCe Winans doesn't age... she's part vampire or something... & her voice? I could worship with her ALL-DAY-LONG!!!!

See her back up singer behind her?  He was AWESOME!!!
You GOTTA be awesome to hang with CeCe

* CeCe's back up singers?  So fun to watch.. 4 of them & they sounded like a 100 person choir

* Probably one of Sheila Walsh's best message ever...(I'll probably talk more about messages in a post tomorrow)

* I'm getting too old to eat at 12:30 am ... (burp... stomach rumble)

* Cheeseburgers in Paradise rocked!  They had veggie burgers AND Sparkling Seltzer water. SCORE!

* Is this a youth event?  Because I only got 4 hours sleep... yawn...

* I love my friends who walk me like a blind person into the hotel breakfast area to help me avoid all contact with the C-word... (if you don't know what that means - message me or leave a comment - I'll explain.. I can't talk about it lest I throw up this morning) :)

* Love my friends didn't mind that I had to do a Starbucks stop before we left for the conference... 4 hours sleep?  Yeah - I would be living on coffee drinks this day

* Liz Curtis Higgs... Her message hit me straight to the heart... there's always ONE person's message that hits you - this was it for me.

* My friend never saw Liz before & said, "if I had to picture Mother Goose, she would be it"... kinda true... she is an amazing story teller


* I didn't know Sand art could make me instantly cry...

Here's a video of part of it someone took

* It was a beautiful day in Indy to walk at lunch... get fresh air... stretch the legs...

*Third Day.. .fantastic... I forgot how much I loved them... I took this video

* Angie Smith... I adore her... I mean A-DORE her.  I was on a mission to hug my red headed sister... so after she spoke (awesome) - they said she would be out meeting people... I BOLTED - I mean, knocked old women out of the way... (not really, but kinda)... there wasn't even anyone in the hall ways yet... got to the door & they already had it shut. They said they only let the first 30 people in & wanted to see if she got through them first & then they'd let more in... they then said she had to be back on stage for the finale... I wouldn't make it in... I was like "NOOOOO!!!!!!"... I could see her through the glass.  She was right there.  I could have BANGED on the glass & gave puppy dog eyes to her... but no... I was so bummed... I actually teared up... so I made the lady take my picture at the door to prove I was this close... DANG IT!

SOOO close...
* I drank the worst tasting Mocha Latte from Dunkin Donuts to keep my eyes open... that's how bad I needed the energy

* Previews of NOAH was shown to us in the conference.  Oh. My. Word!!! Russell Crowe as Noah?  Its going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* The finale was just a series of worship... I loved it... most perfect WOF ever... well, almost perfect. It woulda been perfect if Steven Curtis Chapman was there! :) (BTW, you can see, I wore my SCC shirt - I said if he's not going to be there in person, he's there in spirit through me)

* The ride home?  I'll just say I had the most amazing women in my car... & God was totally in the car as well... The perfect ending to the perfect conference...

* I was driving down the road & saw Ricky coming the opposite way... he wanted to meet me in the church parking lot with Buffy... bless her heart...

* EXHAUSTED... I knocked out like someone hit me with a brick


* we had so much to do but Ricky still took me down to cheer on the athletes... its so inspiring.  I told Ricky, I'm doing an Ironman by the time I'm 50... new bucket list item... he just gave me a look...

I love that bottom picture on the left - the lady ran out to hug her husband who was celebrating his 60th birthday... he told her, "My legs are gone".. she just kept saying, "you can do it - you're going to be fine"... so encouraging... cue my tears...

* Had to do some chores & headed home to spend time with Buffy... she's still playing, still not eating well.  We're doing what we can.  We stop at every restaurant to get her chicken strips, hamburgers, even a cheese quesadilla...  we got her a new toy though & that perked her up.  She's gonna play till the end...


So this was 'quick' - right? ... yeah, I warned you...

It was just amazing - the messages God had in store... the inspiring people I got to see at the Ironman... the time we got to cherish with Buffy..

a lot going on...


  1. Man...what a rockin', God-filled weekend you had! Loved hearing all about it! I so want to go to one of those conferences...definitely on my "must do" list! Thanks for letting us tag along with you! Love that sweet face of Buffy.

  2. I just love those wonderful God-filled weekends...being feed spiritually...having fun with friends...good for us mentally...great fellowship. What fun! by the way...I want to know all about the "c" situation....have a great week. Blessings!

  3. I didn't find out about the conference here until the day it started. I need to go next year!

  4. I Love you my dear friend and my heart is just hurting for you. Hugs

  5. What a great weekend for you!

    If you decide you want to be an Ironman, you will be an Ironman. Go back and read my posts from 2012, or even my early race recaps on how horrible of a swimmer I was (and still am!).

  6. Good luck on the Ironman! That will be an amazing accomplishment!


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