Saturday, August 17, 2013

Six Word Sunday

The Notebook still makes me cry
I'm waiting for the grandbabies to get here & was straightening up
What do I hear?  Ryan Gosling's voice calling from the other room...
No - I wasn't dreaming...
It really was him
"The Notebook" was on..
& dang it if I had to stop everything & watch it for the 3,283rd time
& DANG it if the end still doesn't make me tear up
...sniffle... sniffle...
"Read this & I'll return back to you"
I need to read the book again
(Different ending if you haven't read the book before)

Do you love this movie too?
Isn't Ryan Gosling adorable?
I love Rachel McAdams too...
But James Garner? ... perfect in this movie...
Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Yes, I love every minute of the movie. I even got my 14 year old daughter hooked, and she isn't a very emotional person. :)

    My 6ws is here:

  2. The movie is great. I haven't read the book....but now I will have to, to find out what the different ending is.


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