Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Friday... I think?
I woke up on Tuesday & thought, "Its Friday!"... only to remember a few minutes later, its Tuesday... someone at work said, that's horrible!  I told them, "Nah, by the time Friday comes around, I'll forget its Friday.. which is true.  All day yesterday, I thought Thursday was Wednesday...
What the heck is wrong with my brain?
I can't keep my days straight Monday - Friday
Guess they're all just alike so what does it matter
Its August & we've slept with the windows open for the past 3 days
Amazing weather...
& congested heads
 Animated Gif on Giphy
This is how we feel with the cool weather....
&  yes, I have hung my head out of my bedroom window in the same style
Even let the wind catch my hair :)
Kentucky State Fair time!
Julie, Steve & the G-Babes (can't call them grandbabies anymore) are coming up this weekend... perfect time to let them experience a big fair.
I'll just be on the hunt for something healthy to eat the fair...
yeah... I laughed at that too...
I work with someone who just said to me
"I HATE weddings"
That just doesn't seem normal to me
Did you see where that lady named her baby Messiah?
Messiah? Really?
What are you doing to your kid?
High standards to live up to?
I'm not sure I agree that a judge can MAKE her change the name.
Believe me, I don't agree with the name....
but I think the hassle he's going to get in life?
Worse then a judge making a mother change her son's name...
I'm still in GLASS HADES
The bifocals are OK.. except my eyes get all blurred after a few hours in them
I've been wearing the other pair that I had made into readers
... they're OK - except they HURT...
& yes, I've had them adjusted already
 Animated Gif on Giphy
They either DIG into the back of my ears... or do this... ALL.DAY.LONG!
But I found a place online that I get my reading glasses
Saw they had bifocals there as well
I just ordered a pair of those & a pair of bifocal sunglasses so I can read outside
I like these glasses more then the ones I just spent $400 on
At least, now I know
So sad about Gia from The Bachlorette...
I always liked her & she seemed like such a sweet person
always looked so happy on her Instagram account
This was last week when she was going to the Bachelorette Finale party...
Its like Wally on the radio said, "don't think that beautiful people have it all together & don't have any problems in their lives"
is it me or does it seem like you hear more & more of people committing suicide?
just sad
TV Talk Time
Big Brother:  Is this the worst season EVER or what?  These people can't make a decision on their own... I really was rooting on Helen at first... now?  I can't stand her.  Don't like anyone really - except for McCrae
America's Got Talent:  I'm totally rooting on the beautiful girl that works in her church & sang the remix of Cher's "Believe"... it was amazing
Extreme Weight Loss Edition:  They took off 6 square feet of SKIN from the guy this week... 6 feet!! That's taller then me... of SKIN... I'm woozy...
Totally gonna be me at 4:00pm


  1. Why set your child up for humiliation and bullying and teasing? Isn't it hard enough to be a kid? Personally I love weddings and am excited to be attending one this weekend.

    Since I stopped working I sometimes struggle with what day it is. Happy FRIDAY!

  2. Last weekend I was JUST SURE all day long on Saturday that it was Friday - - - then I got afraid I'd forget to go to church the next morning thinking it was Saturday.

    Fortunately, my brain didn't succeed in tricking me to THAT extent.


  3. I L-O-V-E Fridays...especially when my hubby has the whole weekend:) Your fragments had me smiling and saying, "I know, right?!" out loud.

  4. Oh my goodness...Douglas is me. So sorry:) I forgot to sign into my own account. Time for bed!!

  5. I am so jealous of you being able to sleep with the windows open, it is still so hot here.
    And yes, that girl on AGT is amazing and seems totally sweet!
    Happy FF!

  6. I also am very sad about Gia. I just keep thinking of the message it sends. If this beautiful model takes her life because she cannot handle her insecurities about the way she looks, how is the typical 14-year-girl supposed to react?

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