Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Hashtag Confessions

...It finally caught up to me.  I'm sick.  I got a sinus infection.  My biggest fear right now?  The coughing.   I'm scared to death its going to hurt my side all over again, pull a muscle.  Every time I cough, I grab a pillow, or just wrap my arms around myself & hold so tight.    #pleaseLordnotagain
... I don't know how to spit.  If I try, it just sort of dribbles down my face.  #iamalady
... why does night time cue the symptoms of a sinus infection to go into overdrive.  Right now, after 7pm, I basically sound like a man... who has smoked his whole life... #callmeRuPaul
... I swear, every time I stop at the grocery 'just to pick up a few things' - I come out spending over $100... EVERY TIME.  & its usually in about 4 bags. How is that possible?  I still to this day say I don't see how families can afford to eat healthy. The grocery budget for just Ricky & I is ridiculous #healthyeatingpaysoff
... I have to laugh that I just used the word "budget" in the confession above.  I have never had a budget in my life.  #forgetyouDaveRamsey
...I hate back fat.  That area around the bra line?  Its the stupidest place ever to gain weight.  #dontweartightshirts
...every time I do my nails, I wake up with sheet imprints on them.  #sheetimprintsarethehottestnewlook
... I still am in shock about Bruce Jenner.  Hey, no judgement on his choices in life - I'm just shocked.  I can't wait to see the interview with keep Diane Sawyer. 

... Super Bowl Shark meme's - the best!  #sharkstoletheshow
... The sky actually had a tint of blue this morning driving in to work.  My day was instantly better.  #hatedarkness
...The only time I ever care to watch Saturday Night Live?  When Justin Timberlake is hosting.  & he's hosting the 40th Anniversary Special next Saturday.  I gotta make sure to get extra doses of coffee that day so I can stay up.
... Anyone else?

Joining in with Melissa for Humpday Confessions
Making Melissa
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren
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  1. Oh, is the Bruce Jenner thing actually true? I thought it was just celebrity gossip or something. And my sinus symptoms from allergies are always the worst in the evening and at night too :( I have no idea why that is. Hope you're better soon!

  2. Noooo! Hope you feel better soon! And I'm still having a hard time believing the Bruce Jenner thing - could it really be true?!

  3. I too have the bag full of plastic bags but it also has paper bags. Never know when you'll need one.

  4. Yikes I hope you feel better soon!! I am in shock over bruce jenner too...that one came out of left field! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Girl, yes! I did so much research to verfiy the Bruce Jenner thing...because I'm nosy. Do you boo, just tell me everything!

  6. Usually, I have a plastic bag full of other plastic bags. But instead I have one of the big shopping bags (you know like from the mall) with plastic bags in it. It holds a lot more. haha

  7. i hadn't heard about bruce jenner, i've seen a few things on the cover of magazines but never really looked into it (not really interested in that family) but if its true, oh well at least he's happy right?
    feel better soon!

  8. Sinus infections are just the worst! Hope you feel better real soon! Yes, I'm curious to see Bruce Jenner's interview, as well. I give him kudos for becoming whoever he wants to be.

  9. Yes to all the things!! You cracked me up with the spit thing. I have also tried and failed miserably at spitting. It just kinda sticks there embarrassingly to your chin. And to the grocery trip. I go to buy a gallon of milk and come out with half the store. WHOOPS! And lastly the bag full of plastic bags... why yes I do! It is currently depleted but I will go buy all the things again on Sunday and it will be full and my cat will be jealous cuz he's a closet plastic bag addict. :)

  10. I'm really fascintated to hear what Bruce Jenner has to say. So interesting!

    I'm with you on the budget. I should totally have one but I really don't. :)

  11. I thought the whole Bruce Jenner transforming into a women was just a gossip magazine thing... I had NO IDEA it was real life!!! The Kardashian/Jenner clan just has to keep things interesting don't they?

  12. We have been fighting some sort of sickness at my house and I think I am finally getting it and I want to cry ha ha. I am taking extra vitamins tonight in hopes I can stop it before it hits all the way. It took me a while to figure out whether the Bruce Jenner ordeal was real or not because tabloids aren't always trustworthy, but it sounds like it is! Good for him I suppose :)

  13. Oh no! Feel better. Afrin is my go too for sinus type issues - it's amazing!! Also the left shark mem is everywhere! I didn't even watch the halftime show and yet I feel like I did with this meme.

  14. looks like i'll be staying up to watch SNL too! i've got the sinus thing right there with ya!

  15. The plastic bag full of plastic bag comment...made me LOL! Just today, I went trudging into Kroger with 3 ginormous bags of bags! I know people were looking at me weird...they didn't even fit in the recycling bin...ha!

    Hope you feel better! Take some Delsym for the cough...might help :)

  16. I've got the whole coughing, stuffiness thing, too. I blame CH for coughing on me at night. :(
    The whole Bruce Jenner thing creeps me out. He does not make a pretty woman. At. All.

  17. Obviously I'm behind but this sinus infection is no joke this year! And I can totally feel you on the grocery bill! Cory and I were just talking today about how we were gonna have to increase our grocery budget since we started this healthy eating! Crazy!

  18. Backfat is my enemy. My bras have to be tight enough to support these boulders, so less with the rolls, mmmkay clothing? Le siiigh.

  19. I didn't know JT was hosting the anniversary show! WOOHOO!


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