Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The weekend that we had the best/worst Valentine's Day.....

Its Tuesday & we're doing the weekend update ... better late then ever...

Friday... didn't start out well.  Ricky's brother took a turn for the worst.  It's scary when a family sits together waiting for news from a doctor.  I think we all sat holding our breath for the longest time.  The news we got?  It wasn't the best... it could have been worse.  I am so thankful for my husband who always will see the positive in things & has hope enough for everyone.  By the end of the night, we got to finally see Michael & honestly we all felt a little more relieved.  He seemed to be doing better... at least for the night.  He didn't get the best of news yesterday, so we are really counting on a spiritual side of things - not medical.... please pray with us for Michael....

Saturday was Valentine's Day.  We had a plan.... a fellow blogger had a list of fun Valentine's Date ideas & I totally took one of them & told Ricky & he loved the plan... a morning date.  We got up early - actually we were up at 5 but said, forget that... & both of us fell back asleep... & woke up at 8 & got ready to go out for breakfast.

Cracker Barrel on Valentine's Day?  The place to be apparently.... good thing they have that little cute gift shop to waste 20 minutes in.  I smelled like a bouquet of flowers by the time we got to our seats from me trying on all the goat milk lotions.....

After all the wait, oh man... it was the WORST breakfast ever.  My eggs, runny? (I just gagged) ... I ordered biscuits & gravy & didn't think ANYTHING of it, until it came & Ricky said, "You know that has sausage in it"... I honestly didn't think about it.  Well poop.  Couldn't eat the gravy.  Poor Ricky's meal was just awful.  His hash browns was like someone just shredded a potato & put it straight on the plate.... & then his bacon?  Just 2 pieces of fat laying on the plate... (I just gagged even bigger)

Needless to say, we left breakfast still hungry....

I then got to see how much Ricky loves me - he let me go buy yarn.... something that he'd rather pull out his eye lashes then do... but it is the day of love... so yippee for yarn.  & while I was in there, he went & bought me Chris Tomlin's new CD "Love Ran Red"... I'm so excited!  I just love Chris Tomlin... not as much as my guy, Steven Curtis Chapman... but he's really up there.  Probably #2 to me

Then poor Ricky... he had run to get some candy for us & had got me a Valentine's balloon.  As he was running to the car, he had such a big smile... he loves to give me balloons... so precious.   & then, bye bye balloon. The wind took it away... it just jerked off the string & floated away.  Ricky stood there like a 4 yr old little boy so sad.... I just put my head down so he wouldn't see me laughing.  He opened the door of the car & said, "I had you a balloon but it got away" in the MOST pitiful voice... which made me laugh even harder....

He then went on to tell me it was the most amazing balloon - it was Beauty & the beast, that played music... & glistened & shot out confetti... & now its in the air, gone.  He had me cracking up about this balloon.

We then went to an early matinée movie... & sadly, not a lot of good movies are out right now.  We had to laugh that the theater had a ice sculpture of hand cuffs from the day before 50 Shades premier. 

I'm not sure many people in life can say they saw an ice sculpture of hand cuffs....

We ended up going to see The Kingsmen ....

Oh wow... not good... Maybe its a guy's movie.  All the fighting & action.  In the theater, it was stuffed full of guys & me & I think just 2 other women.  I'm not even kidding.

The best part of the movie?  Ricky went out & got hot pretzels with cheese for us....

There was such an inappropriate part at the end of the movie that just pushed it over the edge for me to say, No, I didn't like this movie.  Ricky didn't like it because he has a hard time understanding English accents & EVERYONE has an English accent in it.  I had to laugh when Ricky said, "I can understand Madonna but I can't understand these people".... I laughed for an hour over that....

We left the movie & did our usual thing that we share in love... go to Target to shop!

Actually I let Ricky shop... I stood in the line at the Starbucks in Target. It always takes FOR-EV-ER to get your drink there.  & Ricky still made it through the store, checked out & waited in the car before I got our drinks....

Date officially over... we headed home... & then Ricky headed up to the hospital while I worked on my lesson for the Youth the next day....

me with my balloon string

I was able to get my heart pumping one more time on V-day.... got in a 5k.... keep the heart healthy.

Sunday was just a usual day... I got to teach in youth.  I so love when I stand up in front & the kids interact so well back to me.  I think we laughed & screamed & were so loud during my lesson - it just was perfect.

Ricky & I were so hungry from not really getting a real or good meal the day before, so we headed out to O'Charleys for their black bean burger... we're addicted to them. 

We then needed to run to Sam's Club & then back up to the hospital to see Michael....

He was still doing really well... thank you Jesus.  Praying it all continues for him.

We stopped at Starbucks one more time on the way home & then tucked in... it was so dang cold!!!!

So all in all, it felt like we spent about zippo time at home... we were running around so much this weekend.  My house is in serious neglect right now.  Anyone want to come clean it for me?

Another Valentine's Day with the man of my life... it was our 22nd one together... wow....

Its that reason that we could laugh about a bad breakfast, a balloon that floats away, & an awful movie...

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Recent reader first time commenter
    I'm sorry about your balloon but wouldn't it be awesome if someone who was feeling blue found it!?

  2. I can't understand people with a British accent either ... if we rent a movie with actors/actresses with British accents, we always turn on the subtitles so I can follow along. ;-)

  3. Chris and I never make a real big deal about Valentine's Day, but he sure surprised me this year with tickets to see "Wicked"! Girl, I'm so pumped! Bless your heart to have lost your balloon...a Beauty and the Beast one that played music! I know your heart was crushed, but how sweet of Ricky to have done all the things for you to make you smile. I must have missed the news about his brother being sick...will be praying for him!

  4. I think the balloon story is so cute! Love that he kept going with it. I want to see Kingsman, but not in the theaters so now you saved me from even renting it, thanks! Will definitely be praying for Michael.

  5. oh goodness, sorry about your breakfast! that is horrible. i have never eaten there.
    i have wanted to see that movie, it looked good! but i guess i'll wait for dvd, lol.

  6. I will keep Michael in my prayers. So sorry about your breakfast and the balloon getting away. Sorry you didn't like Kingsman, we have been looking forward to seeing that one. Well there is always next year!

  7. I stayed home all day while Mike ran out to the grocery store & then got pizza for dinner later - so nice to have a man let me chill at home! Although I did clean the house... :)

    I'll be praying for Michael...

  8. I'm so sorry your day didn't go as planned. That's a shame to hear about Cracker Barrel because they are always so good! And that poor balloon...at least y'all can laugh about it now!

    Praying for Ricky's brother!

  9. Yikes - so sorry that breakfast was a bust, but at least you both made the most of it and that balloon situation is pretty hilarious!! We'll just wait for the kingsmen to come to DVD!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  10. The balloon made me just a little bit sad : ( Those little gestures mean a lot. I've heard other poor reviews of The Kingsman so guess we'll give that one a miss too. I think the one coming out with Kevin Costner, where he plays a track coach looks good. MacFarland I believe is the name. I'm a sucker for a true sport story, where the underdog overcomes. It's described as a Disney Sports Drama so it must be good : )

  11. I thought I wanted to see Kingsman, but maybe not!! I'm sorry about your breakfast and the balloon, but at least the two of you can just simply enjoy spending time together. Ricky's brother is in my prayers!

  12. Maybe the balloon floated into a little girl's yard and made her day.

  13. aw about your weekend. glad you were able to find humor when you could!

  14. What a bummer about the breakfast! I've never been there but I've always heard people RAVE about it. Boo! :(


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