Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hashtag Confessions

// I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday.  Not many things are more disappointing to think its the weekend & its not.   #lessworkmoreweekend
// Starbucks really can't do 'simple' drinks. I hate their iced coffee (McDonalds rocks!) & I tried their Earl Grey tea with honey.  DEAR LORD!!! It tasted... & smelled... like cleaning spray.  Even the hubs smelled it & was like, "They are trying to poison you"
//I'm excited for Valentine's day being on a Saturday.  Ricky & I have a morning date planned... involving breakfast out & an early movie.  It's going to be a crazy busy day out, so we're gonna enjoy it before most people even think of leaving the house.
// It's supposed to be beautiful & warm today.... polar front coming in tonight with negative wind temps starting tomorrow for the next week.  I think Mother Nature enjoys playing with my emotions.    #Ijustwantspring

// I am teaching in Youth this Sunday & haven't even begun to get my lesson together.  I hate when I procrastinate.  All it does is stress me out. 

// I use disposal razors way longer then I should    #usetilltheydontcutanymore

// I feel like someone should put restraints on Kayne West at all award shows 

//I wont spoil anything if you haven't seen it yet... but The Walking Dead... really?  I'm still throwing yarn at the TV.   #newdudeisbadluck

//I feel asleep last night holding Harvey Dent's hand paw ... & I woke up in the middle of the night & we were both still in the same position.  #spoileddog

//I'm on week 1 of my 10k training & so excited about it.  But I know in about 2 more weeks, the attitude could all change.  #injurieswaitingtohappen  #badkneebadback 

This week....
... to come...

OK... so when I would join in with the whole brain dump/confession thing, I just started adding Hashtags for the fun of it... & then found out there was a link up for this exact thing.  It's like I'm physic or something.  But now you can join in with other people who are confessing things with a little bonus of #hashtagging .... fun stuff!!!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
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  1. Kanye definitely needs to just STOP! He drives me insane. And I agree with you on Starbucks always ruining simple drinks. Their coffee is awful!

  2. How awesome is it that the hashtag thing worked out perfectly! I always catch myself hashtagging things in my other posts and have to stop myself... and I still think it's amazing that we both talked about dog paw holding! We're so in sync ;) Happy Humpday girl!

  3. ugh, kanye. i can't stand him.
    i don't watch the walking dead, i feel like i need to start. but i keep saying that and never do it.

  4. Haha love that there is an actual hashtag link up! And I agree, it's so nice that Valentines Day is on a weekend - they should just make it a Saturday every year, same with Halloween!

  5. What a fun idea for Valentine's day!!!!! :)

  6. I'm excited that valentines day fell on saturday this year too - makes it more romantic!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. i hold my pup"s paw too sometimes! he's 9 lbs and can take up the whole bed somehow!

  8. Last Friday, I told Cory we needed to get up and he replied with "Why?" I just laid there for a second trying to figure out how to answer that and he goes "Ugh. It's Friday isn't it?" Haha...that is the worse! I love falling asleep holding dog paws :) so sweet! Hope you and Ricky have a great day date tomorrow!

  9. Breakfast and an early movie sounds like an awesome date! Hope you guys had fun!


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