Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link Up #5}

Thankful Thursday

Feeling gratitude & not expressing it is like
wrapping a present & not giving it.
~William Arthur Ward

Another week full of blessings....
The rules if you want to link up:  Just do a post on things you are thankful for.  That simple.  & then leave the link here so others can see ... always makes me feel good to see blessings in others lives.  & then just visit someone else on the link.  Simplest link up ever...
What I am thankful for this week

// heat in my car that warms up FAST on freezing cold days

// being able to breath during the day... after being stopped up during the night, I am thankful for easy breaths when I can get them

// Starting the Esther study with She Reads Truth ... I never tire of this book of the Bible

// Learning for myself while in the Youth Ministry.  I loved the message my buddy Ryan gave this past week.  It's been so amazing to watch him grow in the youth ministry - & his life ministry really.  God uses him in so many ways.  Thankful that I get to see it.

// coffee after only getting a few hours sleep & needing energy after hanging with awesome teens

//  the middle school gang I lead in small group, they always yell, "Team Rebecca" when we gather together.  That just makes my day.  I need to make shirts I think :)

// hearing my friend Chasity sing the Kari Jobe song, "Forever"... chills... just chills

// gas still staying down!!!  My wallet is LOVING this extra cash in it!

// Kleenex with lotion!!! 

// HAIR DAY!!  Get those greys outta here & get those brows tamed down. 

// waking up with Harvey Dent sleeping right in between Ricky & I ... I love snuggly dogs

// my treadmill on cold nights ... I'm looking forward to getting out & breathing fresh air on the pavement but when its still freezing, I'm thankful for that hamster wheel.

// the Peony wax for my Scentsy... my office has smelled like Spring Time flowers all week long.

// this face!!!!  I made that little head band with extra yarn & Chasity sent me a picture of my Grandbuddy wearing it. She said when she put it on her, she just smiled & reached up to touch it.  Tell me your day isn't made better by seeing this smile.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. i am most thankful for coffee this morning!! and being able to breathe--i am over this cold/sinus/plague! ha!

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous!! I had my hair cut Saturday and hadn't been since OCTOBER. I feel like I lost 12 pounds. ;) And that baby..... oh, that smile!!

  3. Your hair looks fantastic!! xo, Biana -

  4. That little Beeb is adorable! I'm going to check out that Bible Study too....


  5. Love that little smile and what an adorable little headband! You really need to open an Etsy shop! :)

    Esther is an awesome book in the Bible. One of my favorites.

  6. Your hair looks fabulous! I love getting my eyebrows done but haven't had to in forever because I've been able to manage them. Just like getting my nails done it's something I can do, lol. I love being able to stop at Starbucks when I've had a late really does perk me up!

  7. your hair, seriously - amazing! love it. your grandbaby is adorable and so is that headband!

  8. our son's aussie is cuddly too. sadly, our Lily is not a cuddler. I've tried, but the minute you stop petting her she is gone! :(

  9. LOVE the hair! I'm getting my grays tamed on Saturday and I can't wait. Next time, I won't wait as long in between, wow...


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