Monday, February 02, 2015

The weekend that I got to party with a 1 yr old....

Another Super Bowl done...

now onto what matters in our neck of the woods... BASKETBALL SEASON! 
March Madness soon to come.

I will say, I watched 90% of the game.  & yes, it was mainly because I wanted to see the commercials & the half time show.  But I did really enjoy the game.  That play right at half time, it made me actually cheer.  And a game is really nice to watch when you don't really care who wins - no favorite team.  Though I was cheering for the Seahawks at the end when that guy caught that ball that bounced off of him like 3 times...

I think I could get into football.  & maybe Ricky wouldn't think I'm a jinx at that sport.  Maybe?

Other then the Super Bowl, it was another crazy weekend for me.

Friday, I pretty much spent alone though.  Poor Ricky.  He had to take inventory at work so he didn't even get out of work until 8:30pm... he worked a 15 hour day... bless his heart.  He came home & crashed...

& then Saturday, I had to get up & get ready to go.... I had my first photo session of the year.  A one year old birthday party.  How fun is that to kick off a year? 

I met this family a few years ago when I did pictures of their little girl.  Well since then, I've done their family pictures a few more times & excited that they added a new family member in the midst of all these family sessions... & I got to enjoy capturing his big first birthday party with them.  I was told I was an honorary family member now.  I'll take that any day.

I left from their house & since I was out that way, I went to the Family Christian bookstore that was near them.  I have been looking for a journal bible for the longest time.  Now granted, I knew I could find one online but I had one in mind & I wanted to see it, hold it first... see if its exactly what I'm looking for.  Another BUST!  No journal Bible for me yet.  I finally gave up & came home & ordered one off of Amazon.  I'll probably spend less on that, even if I don't like it, then what I'm spending on gas driving everywhere within a 100 mile radius to find one of these babies.

Me... every time I leave a Christian book store empty handed

I had to stop at Kohl's on the way home & take back a shirt.  I felt bad when the lady asked me if anything was wrong with the shirt & I said, "No, I just don't like it"... & then she said, "Oh, I have this shirt... I almost wore it today"... oops.

I called Ricky & asked if he wanted to drive down & meet me for dinner, but bless his heart, his legs were so achy from all the work the day before so I just said I would pick up some dinner & bring home.  So while waiting, I ran over to a local coffee shop.  I just love Coffee Crossing.  Always have... but do even more now... I tried some of their black tea & they had real honey to add into it that was so delish.  It honestly was the best cup of tea I've had in my life... I think I maybe turning British #icanbemrspotts

I use this quote in my life ALL THE TIMIE
... & say it in an English accent...

I ended up getting home & started editing pictures & ended up doing 102 pictures in just a few hours.  I was so impressed with myself.... I'm learning more with each session & the less time I can spend behind the computer & more time behind the camera, that works for me.

Sunday, I couldn't sleep.  I literally went to bed around 12:30 & I was up at 5:30... what is this madness?  It didn't help I had a 60 lb dog laying his head on top of mine... snoring... right into my ear.

I ended up getting up & going in the other room & turned on the tv... to find American Anthem just coming on. OH MY GOSH. I loved this movie as a teenager.  OH MY GOSH... how stupid is this movie now that I'm an adult & watching it? 

Does this just SCREAM the 80's or what?
I laughed through the whole thing this time & wondering how dumb I was as a teenager to have loved it.  Mitch Gaylord.... a real life Olympian that makes an awful actor.  Janet Jones.... because all gymnasts are in their late 20's & over 6 feet tall.  Hey - she got to marry Wayne Gretzky in real life so she wins.

We headed to church - after what already felt like a long day...

It was MAC (Merge After Church) so we were there longer then usual... but these kids... mercy, they are so much fun.  I always love hearing their stories about their week, laughing with them, getting & giving hugs... they always make my day instantly better.

Ricky & I left there around 2:00 & we were STARVED!!!! What does everyone want to eat on Super Bowl Sunday?  Pizza!!!! ... so we just ran down & picked one up - & by 'run down', it still takes us about 40 minutes to go get a pizza & bring it home.... sigh...

We tucked in for the evening.  It was a rainy, cold day anyways so I was just glad to be in my home, having that 60 lb dog laying next to me, with my stinky 30 lb dog in my lap, knitting the night away.... 

My Super Bowl Party

The good life...

How was your weekend?
Did you watch the Super Bowl?
Do you have a Journal Bible?


  1. Pizza for the Super Bowl is a must! We tried but got so much snow that no one was delivering, boohoo. Glad you had a good weekend- that little baby is the most adorable thing!

  2. I watched the entire game ... mainly because of the commercials, although that same play made me start rooting for the Seahawks. But otherwise, I really didn't care too much who won. Not sure that I could get into football ... not sure that I can get into any sport that takes an hour to play the last 11 minutes of the game.

    Ok, so what exactly is a journal Bible?

  3. We watched most of the game with our small group but the kids were all running around and everyone was talking so I missed most of the commercials. It's all good though because we had a great time! Poor Ricky! I hate when the hubs has to work long days.

  4. 15 hour day?! Yikes! We had frozen pizza yesterday... figured by the time anything got to us it'd be HOURS! hahah

  5. Is that a scarf you're making? Love the colors in the yarn.

  6. Yeah, we definitely blew it and didn't have pizza last night haha! That first birthday boy is seriously so cute :) What a fun way to spend an afternoon!

  7. That play was incredible - and almost gave me a heart attack!! Hope you are having a great Monday!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  8. I love that picture of the birthday party, so precious!

  9. It was a good game. Only a few commercials that we really liked. I made snacks and we had chili in the crock pot. I do not have a Bible Journal.

  10. I was watching Parenthood until half-time, then I took some Nyquil, watched Katy Perry, and zonked out! (We're real party animals like that!)
    My, what a cutie patootie you got to hang with over the weekend!

  11. OMG!!! American Anthem. Okay, so they filmed the gymnastics meet at a college in Phoenix when I was in like eighth grade. We went on a school field trip and were extras. They let some of us hold camera flashes and we watched Janet Jones do the poses and her double do the actual gymnastics moves. I also won a t-shirt that day in a raffle! It was good times!

  12. i loved that movie when i was a kid!! totally forgot the name of it!


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