Monday, February 09, 2015

The weekend that I was in an antihistame haze....

I can't believe I'm sitting at my desk on Monday again...

The weekend went by in a blur... literally...

All thanks to an antihistamine... wow... I really don't do good with drugs.

It started on Friday.  Because of the sinus junk, I can't get to sleep.  Laying down flat just isn't good for gook laying in your head.  It all goes into your throat & pretty much feels like someone is choking you to death.  Good times.

maybe I was actually being choked by the force

Anyways, I didn't go to bed till late Friday & when I finally did, I was back up at 3:00am ... I ended up going in & drinking an Alka-Seltzer cold tablet....

Side note... I never drink an Alka-Seltzer & not think of my grandmother.  She used to have those things sizzling all day long.  It was like her daily cocktail.

Alka Seltzer does have bubbles like champagne afterall

So I go back to sleep... & am woken up by Bruno nudging me & Ricky walking into the room asking when I was going to get up.... I roll over & look at the clock & was like WHAT THE HEY?!?!?  It was 9:43am... almost 10am....

I didn't know what in the world happened.  I got up & went to the kitchen to look at that Alka-Seltzer package... yep, it has antihistamines in it.

Now, let me remind you.... a Tylenol PM will literally put me in a coma for a week.  I don't tolerate medicine well.  Probably because I never take it...

All day Saturday, I seriously felt drugged.  It was such a beautiful day & I wanted to enjoy it but I couldn't make myself work out.  Instead, I got my book, went outside with the dogs & read for a little bit... until I was about ready to nod off again. 

I remember my grandpa always nodding off in random places.  That was me this weekend.

I ended up going in on the couch to read some more... to wake up an hour later at Ricky laughing at me again. 

We ended up going out to get some dinner & visit his brother in the hospital & I thought I was sludging through mud the whole time... glad to be out though.  Glad to see Michael & my sis-inlaws...

I'm awake... & out...

Got home for the evening & guess what... couldn't sleep again because of the draining.  So guess what I did?  Jumped the gun & took another Alka-Seltzer. 

What the heck was I thinking?

All morning at church, I felt like I was in a bubble of another dimension.  Even laughing my head off with the youth kiddos in small group (& mercy, I laughed so hard, I snorted... the kids will remind me of this for weeks to come) I still felt just 'off'

Ricky & I ran & got some lunch, had to pick some things up at Target & then headed home. 

A girl at church had bought some yarn & asked me if I would make her some headbands... well, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch anyways so it was a perfect project to bide my time. 

I can knit in a brain fog... this is good to know...

... plus, I was counting down to the Walking Dead being back on... No spoilers, but REALLY?!?!?!   Sigh.

& then when it went off, I watched Downton Abby (I dvr'ed Better call Sal... cant wait to watch it)... & then I tried to go to bed.

Nope... nada... draining begins...

I refused to take another Alka-Seltzer knowing I had to go to work in a few hours.

So needless to say, I felt like someone was choking me out in a wrestling match again all night & I got no sleep. 

If ever there was a Monday... today is going to be it.

Any suggestions for something to dry me up that won't kick me in the butt?
How was your weekend?
Did you have beautiful warm weather where you were at?

Don't forget...
Tomorrow is the Winter Reading challenge Link up
... show me what books you've been reading this winter...


  1. oh my goodness, you poor thing. i don't have any suggestions, sorry! hope you get better soon without being all loopy :( i hate that feeling!

  2. Antihistamines actually make me wired so I can't take them because I can't sleep. I know I'm weird that way.

  3. That's quite a reaction you had!! Night time is just the worst for colds or really feeling sick - it's like it's heightened because it knows you want to sleep!! Get better soon girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. So sorry your not feeling well and the medications are not helping much. Hope your fog leaves soon. You did a great job on those headbands!

  5. I like those headbands. I really like the flower. I just bought a flower loom this weekend. I want to try putting flowers on some of my stuff. Haven't tried it yet though.

  6. UGH! I'm sorry you were dealing with such a drowsy weekend. I wish I had some helpful advice, but I take benadryl and have no side effects.

    Your hand band is super pretty!

  7. Boo, I hope you feel better soon! I swear by those Alka-Seltzer cold tablets, I can only take them at night though because they do totally knock you out! I was living on them this weekend :) Can't wait to hear what you think about Better Call Saul - we liked it!!

  8. I always do the same thing but with Nyquil and I'm in a coma all day the next day. But sleep is sometimes so much more important that I keep on doing it and taking the Nyquil... Hope you feel better soon! Try some Afrin it will help with the draining too and not make you drowsy :)

  9. I made the mistake of taking NyQuil last week on a weeknight. It took me until noon to not feel "weird".

  10. So sorry you were sick all weekend! I wish I had something to offer but I'm on the second round of antibiotics to clear this junk up! And seriously, The Walking Dead! How could they do that back to back??? Hope today wasn't too awful!

  11. bless your heart!! that's just the worst. hopefully you'll be able to ease out of that fog and be back to your regular self!!

  12. Sinus/congestion issues are the Worst!!! Sounds like you are getting your rest though ;-). Feel better soon!

  13. Ugh. The struggle is real. I have no suggestion for what will help make it go away... but what always helps me is Emergen-C packets in orange juice.

  14. I know this is a long time ago, but sometimes better late than never, right??? Well, if you want to only dry up your sinuses, with a common cold or with allergies, and you want to do it without any other side effects, use orange leaves. Yes, my ex-brother in law taught me this one. Orange leaves brewed and drank will dry you up quickly. Be sure to wash the leaves very well, especially if you get them from a nursery or other commercial enterprise. If you using you own, wash them still, to clean off any junk (and ew! insect residue). Use a few leaves at first and increase until desired effect is had.


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