Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Confession time....chapped lips, Spoilers & sliding cars....

....I can tell the cold weather is back. How do I know? My lips are already so chapped, I am constantly rubbing & scratching at them. I try to stay away from Chapstick because I heard it only makes it worse in the end & is addicting... but I gotta find something that helps. 
#donttellmecoconutoil #triedeverything
...who am I kidding - I'll be buying another 10 tubes of Chapstick this weekend

....It seems like everyone says they love Pumpkin Spice Lattes - but I've seen more posts & comments lately from people that actually hate them. I'm not a fan myself. I think we need an anti-pumpkin spice latte movement to happen.
#APSL #PumpkinHatersUnite #PumpkinChaiDoesntCount
... I went to Starbucks for a hot coffee just so I could get the pretty Fall cup... & didn't get it.  They were all gone.  I have to say I was pretty bummed & walked out looking at my stark white cup like it was a complete failure.
#givemeapen #makemyownprettycup  #neverthecoolkid
.... I am so excited The Walking Dead is back on. Ricky & I usually set the DVR to start taping it & we come in about 15 minutes later so we can avoid commercials but he fell asleep as it started.  I couldn't wait - I had to watch it without him. I felt so bad... but come on - you know there are spoilers everywhere. I couldn't chance it.
#SpoilersruintheDVR  #TeamDaryl #WhoseHonking
... I have been on the hunt for new bras for the longest time & finally found some I really like at JCPenny's ... I feel like I basically won the lottery.
#ByeStretchedOutBras #Needtobuy20 #whysohardtofind

... I totally forgot about the Democratic Debate last night.  I was too busy watching what really matters - The Flash!  #FlashforPresident

... I want a new car. I dread winter in the car I have now. I always say if someone even spits on the road, my car will slide in it.  When its icy & snowy?  Forget it. It's a nightmare.  I have always had 4 wheel drive cars - I will never again not make that a top MUST list when looking for a vehicle.  #wheeeee #dreadwinter #whiteknuckledriving

... why is it so hard to find a good bag of carrots?  I think every bag I get lately have that white slick gooey coating on them.... which reminds me of saliva.  So needless to say, that bag of carrots goes in the garbage.  #gross #nospittycarrotsplease #wheresBugswhenIneedhim 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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  1. I totally missed the debate too. Somehow I thought it was tonight? Clearly I'm all messed up after Colombus day. I was totally watching AHS.

  2. I love the Flash! But I was so tired I fell asleep watching it on the couch yesterday :(

  3. LOL #donttellmecoconut oil. I'll never give up Chapstick! I also like EOS and Honest Company ones.

  4. What is it with carrots???? It's getting harder and harder to find a nice bag of carrots these days. Ugh I missed the debate, too. I didn't know about it, but even had I known, I would have passed. I'm just going to stick my head in the sand until after the inauguration ... and maybe beyond that. I am so sick of what the political process has become.

  5. Ewww that white stuff on the carrots grosses me out big time. I am not ready for winter either, I guarantee i will get stuck at least 3 times in the first month of snow. I am sure you have heard plenty of recommendations but we always use aquaphor for the kids at school and it heals them right up so I had my boyfriend start using it and it is the only thing that works for him.

  6. Go on amazon or Sephora and buy Rosebud Salve. I promise it will work for your lips, and you can use it on your nails or any other skin that's dry. When I get patches of dry skin on my nose or cheeks, I use it there! It is awesome and less than $10.

  7. I'm so glad that people are coming out into the open about hating PSLs! lol

  8. I guess I'm one of the few that really hates Chapstick. I hate the feel of it on my lips. Drives me crazy.I do like the EOS and I can tolerate Burts Bees stuff.

  9. I can tell the weather is changing because I have to put lotion on my hands every time I wash them. Annoying! Especially because then I can't turn the doorknob :)

  10. I'm a chapstick addict year round. It's my favorite, I like all the seasonal flavors too. They have pumpkin pie chapstick - I think that might be your cure! I also had a similar experience at SB and went for the fall cup, with no fall cup. Such a dissapointment. I always get my bras at JC Penney and I'm about due for some new ones. They don't make my favorite kind anymore though so it's a little depressing to try and find a new one I like.

  11. The one thing I don't mind about the winter is that I don't have to drive...i can't drive in the snow to save my life! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. I am so with you on the carrots!!! Why can't there be a normal bag? And what is that substance???? I like the panties that JCPenney has! Some of my favorite pairs have come from there. I am totally addicted to chapstick and I dont care who knows! Dry lips is no joke! And I totally didn't get a fall cup on my last Starbucks run either. What gives?

  13. Gross about the carrots! Do you buy organic? I have been lucky lately with those. I hate online spoilers! I'm two seasons be hinge on walking dead. I have to close my eyes and plug my ears whenever someone mentions "walking" anything! Trish - tales from trish

  14. chapstick apparently is worse, it has something in it that makes you want more of it, but i prefer that than constantly chapped lips lol especially in the winter. there is a maybelline baby lips one that is sooooooooooooo moisturising and never feels like it dries out my lips like actual chapstick.

  15. I never got one of the fall cups either :( So sad. And I was JUST thinking last night that I can tell the cold is coming thanks to how many times I applied Carmex throughout the day!

  16. carrots with the yucky goo (SOO GROSS) seriously, so gross!

    Dang cold weather and chapped lips!

  17. I use Carmex on my lips, I love it. I am not a fan of PSL so I will join your movement. I am so excited that The Walking Dead is back.

  18. I am so excited about Dub D, too! As long as Daryl lives, I'll be ok...

    I tried the toasted graham latte at Starbucks today-- far superior to the PSL, in my opinion.

    I love chapstick, and I don't necessary buy in to the hype that's it's addictive.... I think it's more that you get used to your lips being soft a beautiful, so if you miss a day, your "regular" lips feel chapped and gross. I like chapstick, or what's that one in the ball? Eos? That one. :)

  19. Same thing with the fall cups happened to me at Starbucks... I was so disappointed!! They should really discount you if they run out of them ;) I am also NOT a PSL fan, but did try the toasted graham latte last weekend, and it was pretty good!


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