Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Confession Time... Scandal, McDonalds & Poo-pourri

.... I used the new thing for Panera where you can place your order online or on the app & tell what time you will be there to pick it up & it was WONDERFUL!  I walk in the place & it has a 2 lines with about 4 people in each line... & a line at the pick up counter.  I walk right by & my order is sitting on the shelf with my name on it exactly at the time I asked for it.  SCORE for not having to wait!  I'll take advantage of this service a LOT.  #lunchhoursgoestoofast #passyouall #likeaboss

... I spent way too much time Peanutizing myself with all the hair styles, clothing options & shoes choices.  I think it strikes a remarkable resemblance though. #littleredhairgirl #CharlieBrownReference #Peanutizingnewfavoriteword

Charlie Brown would love me

.... I'm way excited about McDonalds having breakfast all day long.  As a vegetarian, I can get down with some protein in eggs!  Another lunch option just opened up for me. #plusicedcoffee


... It has already started. Pictures of people posing with dead deer.  & as soon as I see it, I block the picture, possibly block the person & even deleted someone who was WAYYY too happy about their kill. Nope. I don't hurt even a bug - I don't want  deer guts & bloody animals the thing I first see when I pull up social media. #byefelicia  #grossesmeout  #whyareyouhappyaboutdeadanimals

... I keep hearing everyone talk about Scream Queens. I thought it was a movie! I had no idea it was a TV show.  Shows how well I'm up to date on things.  #toomanyshows #DVRwillcryifIaddanotherone 

... this week on Scandal, the last 30 seconds of the show, I was so excited that I literally jumped out of bed & did a fist pump!  I may take my Fitz/Olivia relationship way too seriously!  #GoGirl  #AboutTime

I just fist pumped again!

... I finally made the leap I've been thinking about taking for awhile.  I joined Amazon Prime.  This may be a mistake on my part because The Hubs has already asked me to go ahead & buy some things on my account because it had free shipping.  At this rate, I'll be done Christmas shopping for him by the end of October.  #2dayfreeshippingrocks  #justgivemefreebooks

& by drink, I mean 3 iced coffees in a day!

... my daily snack in the morning is cottage cheese on the 21 Day Fix. Good protein - easy on calories.  But if you were to see my cottage cheese, you'd probably think something is wrong with it. I put so much pepper on it that it basically looks grey.  #trythegreystuff #itsdelicious #beautyandthebeastreference

... I honestly like Justin Beiber's new song, "What do you mean"!  #thatsembarassing #moveoverpreteens  #makesmedance

...I cleaned out some of the people I follow on Instagram. It felt good to get rid of some accounts that never post anything.  I cant make myself unfollow most of the celebrities I follow though. I love seeing into their lives!  #nosy  #Iwantthatlife  #HughJackman   #AlltheRealHousewives

... I got a bottle of Poo-Pourri years ago to keep in my purse. I totally forgot all about it until last week when I kept smelling something strange coming from my purse.  I pulled out my wallet & saw it was damp... looked in the bottom of my purse & the top at come unscrewed & half the bottle dumped out ( the pun there...) so now my purse smells like a citrus field.  #thatpurseisgone #neednewwalletnow #poo-pouREEK

Any confessions you need to get off your chest today?

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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  1. Your cottage cheese sounds like the cottage cheese that my son-in-law would eat! ha! He loves his pepper. ;-)

  2. Jenn just was telling me I needed a bottle of pop-pouri! Sucks about it dumping (lol. Dump) in your purse. That usually happens to me w lotions in my bag. Trish - tales from trish

  3. i love the new beiber song and i've hated bieber for YEARS. it's so embarrassing!

  4. I wish there was a McDonald's near me so I can go at lunch and get breakfast lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. That wasn't your new purse, was it?

    We love Amazon Prime! We both got it when we got our Kndle Fires. I cancelled mine though when I realized I could use his. No sense in paying for two. We also have it linked up with our Roku and watch old TV shows with it all the time. Currently we're watching Leverage and Warehouse 13. Hope you love it as much as we do.

  6. UGH girl I am with you! HATE the dead deer pictures!!! It really bothers me that they pop out of no where with no warning. I've been unfollowing some people over that too. Ick. Um...and yay for Panera, had no idea they did that! Also...Amazon Prime. My favorite thing and my biggest downfall. :P

  7. I ALWAYS order Panera and Chipotle online. They are so close to me and always have crazy waits that the online ordering service is a life saver.

  8. I'm with you about the dead animals. Ugh. My dad and brother hunt (or used to) and I just don't get why... Iced coffee from McDonalds, on the other hand, is AWESOME. I love the caramel iced coffee. YUM!

  9. i am really behind on scandal, but ugh. i hate fitz. hahaha.

  10. I am LOVING that McDonald's is having breakfast ALL day, that is the only time I ever eat there...and I completely agree about the dead deer or well anything dead and posing with it thing...gross! Happy Hump Day!

  11. I put pepper on my cottage cheese too. I love cottage cheese, it's so versatile! Have you tried scrambling it with your eggs. SOOO good. Makes them extra creamy and cheesy. I'm excited about the McDonalds thing to because their breakfast is the only thing I'll really eat from there. Then again I still know it's not good for me so I'm going to refrain for as long as possible. I mean Panera is probably a better option and I might have to try this order online deal!!

  12. Scream Queens is so bad it's good. I so can't take the hunting shots either, poor Bambi.

  13. Ha! I had a water spill in my bag and am in need of a new wallet. At least it was odor-less. Not so with the poo-pourri dump!

    I have no problem with hunting if people are going to eat the animals. It's not for me to judge what people eat.

    I order most things on Amazon Prime.

  14. I know, I can't stand pictures of what they think are treasures from hunting. Makes me sick! Yes McDonald's breakfast all day is awesome. It's the only thing I really like to eat from them. My husband likes pepper on his cottage cheese.

  15. I'm probably behind the times, but the other day when I was in Starbucks I saw that they had online ordering/pickup as well. Brilliant!! I am so behind on Scandal. I desperately need to catch up!

  16. You just reminded me that I haven't been to Panera is far too long and I need to change that!!! I am so with you on Scandal!!! Oh my!!!! And I checked out Scream Queens this weekend with Chris. We liked it, but it is a bit like Pretty Little Liars in that it is probably meant for younger people but we like it anyways. I had to LOL at your poopuri story. That stinks! (pun!!!)

  17. I could not get over the ending of Scandal last week! But I'm on Team Jake - can we still be friends? ;) Double yay for all day McDonalds breakfast!! That makes me so happy!

  18. Amazon Prime is THE best! My only question is how you have waited this long to get it? I wouldn't survive!!!!

  19. I've seen so many people "confess" that they like Bieber's new song. I gotta admit it. I've yet to hear it. I'm not scared of a catchy pop tune, I'm just rarely listening to anything that would play it. #myipodplaysnobieber

  20. if you hate to grocery shop then you have to look into prime pantry!! I love it!

  21. that panera app sounds like a genius idea. lunch is truly the fastest time of my day. i love amazon prime!

  22. I'm excited (but scared) about McDonald's having breakfast all day now. A gift and a curse! lol


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